CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Relay initiated by: Jim Henry
Original text by: John Quijada
Relay master: Jeff Jones

This relay started on October 23, 2008 and finished on November 21, 2008.

Ring A Ring B Ring C
Original Ithkuil Text  
Old Albic Jörg Rhiemeier Kamakawi David J. Peterson Kēlen Sylvia Sotomayor
Neimalu G.V. Pieterson Classical Arithide Eugene Oh Asha'ille Arthaey Angosii
Xara Jim Taylor Taruven taliesin the storyteller Pinuyo René Uittenbogaard
Pilovese Scotto Hlad Slovianski Jan van Steenbergen Ājat he-Heloun Alex Fink
West Germanic Sean Carl Anderson Urianian Lars Finsen Naisek Jeffrey S. Jones
... Old Tükwäi Leland Paul Kusmer Vetela Kinetic
Rokbeigalmki Steg Belsky Terkunan Henrik Theiling Khangaþyagon Peter Bleackley
Vozgian Jan van Steenbergen Tirelat Herman Miller Gwr Roger Mills
... Vallés Jeffrey S. Jones Azurian Lars Finsen
Mirexu Amanda Babcock Furrow Silindion Elliot Lash Limciela Jim Taylor
Suraetua Lars Finsen Kash Roger Mills ...
Iljena Peter Bleackley Mabri Clayton Cardoso ...
Ithkuil A John Quijada gjâ-zym-byn Jim Henry Ithkuil C John Quijada
Ithkuil B John Quijada

Note: There may be additional information about the relay at FrathWiki.

For a comparison of the Smooth English translations, go here . This includes sequential side-by-side comparisons for each ring and a comparison the the original and final texts.

other relays not available yet

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