CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Mabri (Ring B)

Clayton Cardoso

Mabri Text

po joku, ku ou ga so kavren djo ga bru po dje du jaja ga giku, po do du le, shon gelyaku.
hwa kyu grun dje ga taze gatwi ge ga taze, pori taze ku jubra bwin djo ga ze du leku po len vla.
pori ka, ge ga ladjo du plu ga hi pobwi shiku jubra ron.

Smooth English

The untrustworthiness of the soul finally brings your doings to the very difficult situation, simultaneously causes moral-badness.

And so change your method about your behaviour, because you needn't consider other persons as the same as yourself.

Their behaviour is more important than life, therefore it must exist.


mabri is a SVO language; in noun phrases, it is head-initial;
mabri is an analytic language; nouns and verbs are not morphologically inflected;
number in nouns is marked by counters before the noun;
adjectival phrases have the formula "du + noun".
adjectival phrases may be intensified by counters after between "du" and the noun.
when there are two verbs in a row, the first verb loses its nasalization "-n" and is prefixed with "ju-".


bran v. to need, must.
bru n. doing, deed.
bwin v. to consider, to view as.
do n. time.
dje n. situation, condition.
djo counter more than one, several (marks the plural).
du prep. in a state/process of (introduces an adjectival phrase).
ga prep. of.
gatwi prep. about.
ge n. behaviour.
gelyaku n. moral badness.
giku n. difficulty; du giku adj. difficult.
grun v. to change.
hi n. importance; du hi adj. important.
hwa conj. and.
jaja counter a large number/quantity/intensity.
joku n. end.
ka n. this.
kavren v. bring.
kyu particle (marks the imperative mood).
ku particle not, non-.
ladjo n. they.
le n. sameness; du le adj. same.
leku n. difference du leku adj. different.
len v. to be the same as.
ou n. trustworthiness; ku ou n. untrustworthiness.
plu counter more, a larger number/quantity/intensity.
po conj. as, at, to, by (verb)-ing (introduces an adverbial phrase or an indirect object).
pobwi conj. in comparison to.
pori conj. because, because of.
ron v. to exist.
shiku n. life.
shon v. to cause.
so n. soul.
taze n. you.
vla n. oneself (or any variant, such as myself etc. depending on the subject).
ze. n. person.

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