CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Slovianski (Ring B)

Jan van Steenbergen Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 7:04 AM

Here is the torch in Slovianski. As you can see, it's a short text this time (anyway, I did my best to make it longer, because this version has twice as many words as the text I got).

Relay Text

Usilja, abi kontrolovat' naše postupanje posredstvom religii, vsekogda jesut obsudžene na neuspeh. Ne izmenijme našoj osobnosti na inočo, zato, čo mi zaistina ne umeme togo izdelat'; naša osobnost' je nam rovno potrebna, kak naše žitje.

(in Cyrillics:)

Усиля, аби контроловать наше поступанье посредством религии, всекогда йесут обсуджене на неуспех. Не изменийме нашой особности на иночо, зато, чо ми заистина не умеме того изделать; наша особность йе нам ровно потребна, как наше житье.


Usilja, abi kontrolovat' nasze postupanje posredstvom religii, vsekogda jesut obsudzsene na neuspeh. Ne izmenijme naszoj osobnosti na inoczo, zato, czo mi zaistina ne umeme togo izdelat'; nasza osobnost' je nam rovno potrebna, kak nasze zsitje.

Smooth Translation

Efforts to control our behaviour by means of religion are always doomed to failure. Let us not change our personalities into something else, because indeed, we are unable to do that; our personality is as necessary to us as life itself.


Usilj-a, abi kontrol-ovat' naš-e postupanj-e
effort-NOM.PL., in-order-to control-INF. our-N.NOM.SG. behaviour-NOM.SG.

posredstvom religi-i,
by-means-of religion-GEN.SG.,

vse-kogda jes-ut obsudž-en-e na ne-uspeh. //
all-when be-PRES.3PL. doom-PPP-NOM.PL. to un-success. //

Ne iz-meni-j-me naš-oj osobnost-i na ino-čo,
not PERF-change-IMP.1PL. our-F.GEN.SG. personality-GEN.SG. to else-something,

zato, čo mi zaistina ne ume-me t-ogo iz-dela-t';
therefore, that we-NOM. indeed not be-able-PRES.1PL. that-N.GEN. PERF-do-INF.;

naš-a osobnost' je nam rovn-o
our-F.NOM.SG. personality-NOM.SG. be-PRES.3SG. us-DAT. equal-ADV.

potrebn-a, kak naš-e žitj-e. //
necessary-F.NOM.SG., as/like our-N.NOM.SG. life-NOM.SG . //


Slovianski is a simplified language based on everything the Slavic languages have in common with each other. Its purpose is to be understandable for people, who know one or more Slavic languages. This text is written in Slovianski-N, a version of the language that tries to be as naturalistic as possible. For more info: Slovianski


abi (conj.) in order to
bit' (vi.) to be
čo (conj.) that
inočo (pron.ind.) something else
izdelat' (vp.) to do
izmenit' (vp.) change
je: pres.3sg. of _bit'_
jesut: pres.3pl. of _bit'_
kak (adv.) how, like, as
kontrolovat' (vi.) to control
mi (pron.pers.) we
na (prep.) on, at, to, onto
nam: of _mi_
naš (pron.poss.) our
neuspeh (m.) failure
ne (adv.) not
obsudit' (vp.) to sentence, to doom
osobnost' (f.) personality
posredstvom (prep.) using, by means of
postupanje (n.) behaviour
potrebni (adj.) necessary, needed
religija (f.) religion
rovni (adj.) equal
toj (pron.dem.) this, that
umet' (vi.) can, be able
usilje (n.) effort
vsekogda (adv.) always
zaistina (adv.) indeed, really
zato (adv.) for that reason, therefore
žitje (n.) life



-e: n.nom./
-e: mfn.nom./
-o: adverb


-Ø, -':
-a: n.nom./
-e: n.nom./


-at', -et', -it', -ovat': infinitives
-eni: past passive participle
-me: 1pl.
-j-: imperative

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