CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Vallés (Ring B)

Jeffrey S. Jones

Vallés Translation

Final ment, una tràdidzon con spirid conduirá tuas aiceons ala cima,
resoviand en mancantza.
Muda lò como fâis, porquè todas causas non deven venir al centr.
Lò como fâis est tant emportant què tua vida!

Smooth English of Vallés Text

Finally, a tradition with spirit will lead your actions to the top,
resulting in loss.
Change how you behave, because not all things should come to the middle.
How you behave is as important as your life!

Vallés Grammar Notes

Word order is pretty typically Romance.

Verbs are listed according to infinitive in the vocabulary. There are four conjugations, the infinitives ending in -ar, -er, -ir, and -r. The regular endings that occur here are:

future, 3rd person singular; added to infinitive
-en present indicative, 3rd person plural; replaces infinitive ending
-a imperative, 2nd person singular; replaces infinitive ending
-iand gerund, replaces infinitive ending

There are also some irregular verb forms. These are listed in the vocabulary.

Nouns are listed in the singular form. Plurals are formed by adding -s (in this text); there may be minor stem changes.

Adjectives, quantifiers, and determiners are listed in the feminine singular form. Unless this ends in -a, the masculine singular is the same as the feminine dingular. Plurals are formed as if the singular forms were nouns.

Adverbs are formed from adjectives by placing ment after the feminine singular form.

There's an abstract form of the definite article, , which is used with adjectives and occasionally other things. Otherwise, definite articles appear here only when contracted with à.


A adjective
Adv adverb
C conjunction
D determiner
NF noun, feminine
NM noun, masculine
P preposition
Q quantifier
V verb

à P to (etc.)
aiceón NF action
al - à + definite article, MS
ala - à + definite article, FS
causa NF thing, affair
centr NM center, middle
cima NF top, peak
como Adv how (relative)
con P with
conduir V lead, bring, convey
dever V should, ought to
emportant A important
en P in(to)
est V = copula (present indicative, 3rd person singular)
fâis V do, make (present indicative, 2nd person singular)
final A final
D definite article, abstract
mancantza NF failure, loss, error
ment - (see grammar)
mudar V change, move
non Adv NEG
porquè Adv why (relative), because
què C that, than
resuælvr V resolve, result (unstressed stem = resov)
spirid NM spirit, ghost
tant Adv so many
toda Q all/every
tràdidzon NF tradition, treason
tua D possessive of 2S
una D indefinite article
venir V come, arrive
vida NF life

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