CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Ithkuil (Ring B)

John Quijada

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Retranslation into Ithkuil

Átaji’ hi’rd̦ řua iu múvrïc’a.
Fainc’uc’á řia imyage’en̦ș puiği’ ma’worj kašč wanń ákiča liuzqä.
Řia řäi eph\ iqöčhwa\ iu öqacuc’ ru’wokkra eu řua ialûc’ ünń řa qumóxt.
Ialu’yocc’ra ünń ra qumoxté’ x̦äi spar ui yaliřuč’.

English Translation

In the end, it is the faculty of love one should not trust.

Therefore, when one deals with a difficult set of circumstances, it is the act of something happening at the source that results in frowned-upon moral behavior.

One must therefore gradually change one's actions and environment because one doesn't need to consider other people being the same as oneself.

Because other people are not the same as oneself, their way of doing things must be that essential quality over there.

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