CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Neimalu (Ring A)

G.V. Pieterson

Neimalu Text

Inu tui éþom glöbiðr, ladu straxlom pioþa pröti dižum.
Ladu e injeinast uxaudoþa kraftan zavajus ladus.

English Translation

One who lives by a religion, struggles with living morally.
They keep holding on to the strong limitations of their minds.


dižu - dignity, morality
einos - have, hold on
éþos - follow
glöbiðu - religion
inu - one (pronoun)
koþarauðu - chain
krafta - strong
ladu - he/she/they
pioþ - life (< pios - to live)
pröti - according to
straxlos - struggle with
tui - relative pronoun
uxaudoþ - border, limit (< uxaudos - to end)
zavaju - soul

Neimalu doesn't use any plurals. Adjectives follow the nouns they modify.


-an - accusative adjective
-r/-ar/-ur - accusative noun
-us - possessive noun
-um - dative noun
-oþ - nominalize; -oþa (accusative), uðum (dative)


-ast - he/she/they, future
-eþaubros - must (auxiliary verbs are suffixed to verbs)
-jeinos - continue (aux)
-om - habitual
-os - present

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