CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Khangaþyagon (Ring C)

Peter Bleackley Thursday, November 6, 2008 10:44 AM

The torch in Khangaþyagon

gevont yurishnesh

þaðiltar holar sur sabegrontol mezzalesardlol snaugung. apir esardar holuz felduz de gevo yurishneshar holuzar dirsuzar. gameltar yer þaðo sabegrontol mezzalesardlol snaugungar, dahi enil tarrm æmragikhim sadre'uz. gog þomsir holar tilar yurishnesh, gevir yir yi.

gevradahashe ya


VSO, agglutinating. Adjectives agree with the nouns they modify, and follow them. Predicative adjectives compound with the verb. Compunds are head last.

Verb Morphology

The verb is followed by one of the following segunakar (suffixes)

-a 1st person
-e 2nd person
-i 3rd person
-o infinitive
-on/ont present participle

And may be followed by one of the following (restricting myself to forms found in the text)

-lt imperative
-she negative
-(a)r plural

Noun Morphology

Khangaþyagon has six ranks of noun segunakar, but only three ranks (1st, 5th and 6th) occur in this text.

1st rank - deixis
-il this

5th rank - abstract
-uz of
-ol by
-ung for

6th rank - number

Adjective morphology

The superlative segunak, -ikhim, is found in the text

Derivational mophology

-l forms adjectives in sense "characterised by"
-nesh forms abstract nouns


The list is in Bukhstav order.

su (adj) all, whole
sabegr- (v) tolerate, forbear
sadre (n) heart
snaug (n) fault, flaw
tarrm (n) need
til (adj) small quantity
ap- (v) make, cause
v- (v) know
hol (n) person
dah- (v) be
de (pr) alternate 3rd person pronoun
dirs (adj) other
esard (n) feeling, emotion
en (n) thing
feld (adj) each
mezzal (adj) together
það- (v) do, act
þoms- (v) doubt
gam- (v) try
gog (conj) but
ge (adj) true
gevra (adj) certain
y+person ending (see verbs) Personal pronouns
yurish (adj) good
æmrag (adj) important

Happy translating!

Smooth English of Khangaþyagon Text

Understanding Virtue

Let all people act with compassionate tolerance of faults. Each persons feellings make him understand the virtues of others. Try to act with compassionate toleration of faults, this is the most important need of the heart. But few people doubt virtue, they understand it.

I am not certain.

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