CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Ithkuil (Ring C)

John Quijada

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Retranslation into Ithkuil

Ašaz ašaezwa qú’wima kûpnîq̌è’ öuhûpept/.
Qu’wimi’ǰau kûpnîq̌ qaq̌oğ/.
Řia kûpiktîq iu šazuoţţ šêzwa.
Çawï’— lař pôxub.
Quimsq’éss puh höp all x̦ëwu’.
Dłëwah mavra.

English Translation

For a person to tolerate and act compassionately toward a wrongdoer is truly wise.

Such a person recognizes the wrongdoer completely.

One must try to tolerate and have compassion for any wrongdoing.

That is what the heart needs most.

Only a few persons seek what they think they know.

I don't feel certain about it.

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