CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Taruven (Ring B)

taliesin the storyteller Fri, 31 Oct 2008 21:23:17 +0100

Taruven Text

sella džarnyn sedannaþ ryáthannon ïkhaìta.
ëvaraxkeì hruuleìneaþ, keìgah ëxalann, ty aaþ kuì segirram sō.

Smooth English

"Attempting to control people's behavior through religion always fails.
Do not change another's personality, indeed it is not possible, we need it and life."

Translator's Notes

Comment #1: Lots of new words in this one: džar, khaì, sedann. Some chancy compounds too. That it was so short made it possible to concentrate on finding the new words instead of figuring out the text.

Comment #2: My predecessor's computer-trouble had damaged the torch, so the mini-grammar was very sparse. I therefore used the webpages of Classical Arithide to figure out the grammar.


-aþ: object (case)
ë-: negation
ï-: focus, emphasis
-irram: must (mood)
-keì: other
-lann: capable of, can (mood)
-nyn: to try
-on: instrument (case)
-ta: passive for complemented verbs
va-: imperative


a: and (connects phrases only) (axis-word)
džar: to control (vt)
hruuleìne: mind-song (n), soul, personality
keìgah: indeed
khaì: to fail (vc) (axis-word)
kuì: life (n)
rax: change (v)
ryáthann: religion (n) artificial belief-system
sedann: behavior, personal custom (n)
segh: carry (vt)
sella: always
sō: 1st person plural (pronoun)
ty: demonstrative, hidden
xa: to do (vt, pro-verb)


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