CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Terkunan (Ring B)

Henrik Theiling Sat, 8 Nov 2008 12:39:27 +0100 (CET)


Rutimament, riligiun kus ke tu kuprotament kulmin pi flaska.
Kambi tu manari pika li tutalitat no dev' ariva kentra.
Tu manari non es tau mpurtant komu tu vit!


Terkunan is quite a typical Western Romance language, the most different feature being isolating morphology and lack of palatalised consonants.

The standard word order is SVO, but in some sentences, the verb may be fronted to focus the subject and in imperatives (the subject is often not dropped in imperatives, but this is no strict rule: often it is dropped).

Terkunan has optional definite and indefinite articles, which are often inserted to separate two noun phrases instead of to stress definiteness. The indefinite article is also the number word 'one'.

Number is not marked on nouns, but only on pronouns, articles, and number words. A typical noun phrase without article is, therefore, underspecified wrt. number. Translators should beware of overusing the singular just because there is no plural ending in Terkunan.

Adverbs are usually fronted, but may also be in final position. Fronted adverbial phrases are usually separated from their clause by a comma.

Adjectives usually follow nouns.

There are no compound verb forms in the text, so I'll drop anything about verbs.


-(a)ment suff -ly {adverb suffix}
ariva v arrive at; become
dev(a) v have to, must
es v be
flaska n failure
kambi v change
ke conj that
kentra n center
komu conj as, like
kulmin v culminate
kuprotament n behaviour
kus n cause
li det the
manari n manner
mpurtant adj important
no(n) adv not
pika conj because
pi prep to, for, into, onto
riligiun n religion
rutim adj ultimate
tau adj such a
tau adv so; likewise
tutalitat n totality
tu pron you, your {also impersonal 'you' like French 'on'}
vit n life


adj adjective
adv adverb
conj conjunction
det determiner
n noun
prep preposition
pron pronoun
suff suffix
v verb


Ultimately, religion causes one's behaviour to culminate in failure.
Change your manners, so totality does not become the center!
One's manners are not more important than one's life.

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