CONLANG Translation Relay 16

Tirelat (Ring B)

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Tirelat Translation

Mizoj, sy relgař ka tuhli jêkageÿan my rêvunari ki faça myn bynari.
Xazik my rêšyru, kavahl pa saj ñaj vit jêzihkitakan vë vydesa.
Tebi jêřjandiłikan sy rêšyru ba rêkaziat!

Grammar Notes

Word order in Tirelat depends on the verb. Stative verbs (sv) precede their subjects (VS), while dynamic verbs (dv) follow their subjects (SV), and transitive verbs (tv) go between the subject and the object (SVO). Modifiers such as adjectives and adverbs precede the word they modify, while longer modifiers (e.g. prepositional phrases) typically follow.


ba (prep) in the manner of; like, as.
byna (tv) to miss, lose, fail.
desa (n) middle, center.
faça (n) peak, top.
jê- (prefix) he, she, it (subject of verb); (possessive) his, her, its.
-k (suffix) imperative.
ka (prep) of, associated with.
-ka- (suffix) negative.
kage (tv) to bring, convey.
kavahl pa (conj) because.
kaziat (n) life.
ki (prep) to, toward, at.
-łi- (suffix) opinion, non-past.
mizoj (adv) finally, in the end.
my (prep) accusative singular.
myn (prep) resulting in.
-n (suffix) perfective.
ñaj (num) all, every.
rê- (prefix) you (sing.) (subject of verb); (possessive) your (sing.).
relgař (n) tradition.
-ri (suffix) verbal noun.
řjandi (sv) important.
saj (prep) nominative plural.
sy (prep) nominative singular, inanimate.
šyru (n) manner, way (of doing).
-ta- (suffix) deontic; must, need to, have to, should ...
tebi (adv) so much, to such an extent.
tuhli (n) spirit.
(prep) at, in (place).
vit (n) thing, object, item.
vuna (dv) to act (take action), behave.
vy- (prefix) they (subject of verb); (possessive) their.
xazi (dv) to change.
-ÿa- (suffix) predictive, non-past.
zihki (dv) to arrive.

Smooth English from Terkunan

Ultimately, religion causes your behavior to culminate in failure.
Change your manner because the totality must not arrive at the center.
Your manner is not as important as your life!

Smooth English from Tirelat

In the end, spiritual tradition will bring your actions to a peak, resulting in failure.
Change your manner because all things must not arrive at their center.
Your manner is not as important as your life!

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