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Naisek  is one of my constructed languages. The name comes from how I pronounce "NYSEC", which stands for New Year's Supposed EuroClone. As this suggests, the language was intended to be rather European, albeit an isolate unrelated to existing European (or other) natural languages (not counting a few borrowed words). However, it ended up with some features which are fairly untypical of Europe. These include:

The original version was done in exactly one month, starting January 1st, 2007 and finishing January 31st, 2007. The vocabulary has increased since then due mainly to my using Naisek  in
CONLANG Translation Relay 14 , the
Second Language Creation Conference (LCC2) relay ,
Conlingual Telephone II (organized on Zompist Bulletin Board),
CONLANG Translation Relay 15 ;
CONLANG Translation Relay 16 ;
Conlingual Telephone IV; and recently,
CONLANG Translation Relay 18 ,
Conlingual Telephone V, and
Conlingual Telephone VI .
As a result I've added quite a few new words. Meanwhile, I've been improving the wording and organization of the grammar and filling in some missing items, with some minor changes to the existing language.

One thing to note is that the linguistic terminology is not always used here as it's used by linguists, or it may conform to the usage of one kind of linguist, but not another. Also, the cases called "ergative" and "absolutive" probably should have been called something else, such as "agentive" and "patientive", respectively.

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