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Sample Texts

Several of the relay/conlingual telephone translations have errors, according to the grammar.

Relay 14 Translation

The original text for this relay was by Roger Mills. The Naisek  text was translated from Clayton Cardoso's Twisspraak .

Naisek Translation from Twisspraak

"Lalbai ham girgixam po ham baigixam"

1. Ah arkaxnor swali jemli leihanali besil gixnel:
2. Hafkubor swali natsu
(1) hi suni rok launi.
3. Hafkubor sunu biyax bennigi po hi liktyar
4. Hafkubor sunu rasbax hi fupla ham gufrasnam u him cispassem.
5. Hafkubor sunu jali rasnali, tali stwe mihin toklax balum folde.
6. Lalbubor wix him xalmem po wix hilum istalum, til xanhitto hyu sunyu gordo.
7. Lalbubor wix him humem dim wof si cobilihin lo hopaldokubwe lantke.
8. Lalbubor wix him korilom dim wof subwe honausin.
9. Lalbubor wix him buxmigim cangipe po xolkepe.
10. Markubor balum wakel noku moxkax ha jem leihana dar sta sofin hali banjeli.
11. Lalbubor wix besilum jesmigilum po wix hantelum banilum.

12. Jesmiti dosofax girgixai baigixa.
13. Jesmiti dosofax baigixai girgixa.
14. Ah buxmitaxnor besyu dofsu po swilu dofsulu saxilu.

Translator's Notes

(1) This is somewhat ungrammatical because the subject is 1st person inclusive plural, which includes the 2nd person, but the object is 2nd person.
(2) Liktyar remains untranslated, being a rendering of the Twisspraak word.

There are some other oddities that probably wouldn't occur in a native text.

English Translation of the Naisek Text

"Song of the Bride and the Bridegroom"

1. Oh may you tell all spiritual beings these promises:
2. Let's give all of you thanks for the whole beautiful thing.
3. Let's give thanks completely for making warmth and for the lightyear.
4. Let's give thanks completely for protecting the trouble of the warrior on the plain.
5. Let's give thanks completely to many men, which have the harvesting of our grain.
6. Let's sing to the moon and to the stars, which shine the whole night long.
7. Let's sing to the wind which causes the raining of skill on us.
8. Let's sing to the hazel which shades us.
9. Let's sing to the happiness with health and power.
10. Let's raise our hands to honor the spiritual being which gives to the children.
11. Let's sing to these goodnesses and young loves.

12. Giving a bride a bridegroom is good
13. Giving a bridegroom a bride is good.
14. Oh may you be happy in this year and in all coming years.

LCC2 Relay Translation

The original text for this relay was by David J. Peterson for the 2nd Language Construction Conference. The Naisek  translation was from Jim Henry's gjâ-zym-byn .

Naisek Translation from gjâ-zym-byn English Translation of the Naisek Text
"Rusek Kalboki" "A Talking Rock"
Jilu dofsulu bahai, saka natok cima loftem. Many years ago, I was walking along the edge of a lake.
Donkoku rusek kam forkepe, Hitting a rock with my foot,
xarsaki lo ota arkokta kono I heard someone say,
"Cau, tesi ga grataki!" "Hey, I didn't like that!"
Markaka hi rusek pone campaka kono I picked up the rock and asked,
"Ce rusekor xoltor kalbax?" "Can rocks talk?"
Ebarkata kono It answered,
"He, rusekor xoltor kalbax, haitki!" "Yes, rocks can talk, as I recall!"
Nepo campaka kono Then I asked it,
"Ce hoxni arkax ki hi arkai nam sunim holgim?" "Do you want to tell me your entire life story?"
Ebarkata kono It answered,
"Ce molduni lo hoxni lexarsax ti? "Are you sure you want to listen to it?
Osga kono `He' os surka arkax ni." If you were to answer `Yes', I would tell you."
Ebarkata tingo riskixxak; It answered in such a way that I became angry,
santsaka hi rusek demaix him loftem. I threw the rock into the lake.
Jilu xatsulu ti ga mentaki. For many months, I didn't see it again.

ZBB Conlingual Telephone II Translation

CT II was run by Zoris. The Naisek  text was translated from Halyihev's Alurhsa.

Naisek Translation from Alurhsa

"Loh, har daxmer sokar dam u ska klohok sata bisingrok hanep", arkata ham bandaxmem tetser u xtudentafklem. Tam matser ga kitcata, hojadoku xiskwi edoharkaxi ti tai.

Nepo, Taharam miskala paukator hargax fali pone noku lo palme ga saxo yampi his soklas, natator doflo josptato. Hai tetse hoxati gwexkax hargax paukepu riskixxax ha matse. "Besi ga taupki mutkise. Gwexkubor ti; holaunostki gauta daxme tep nu."

Dostoku Taharam tetse, tafku daxme mentati u fam jadoke raima. Gyar tai arkata ir si fupsep he ta; gyar cofkata fam selba pone biglefata ti nepo lompata wix gintum him dosthinum.

English Translation of the Naisek Text

"Well, the woman I live with was smoking cannabis", said the father of the girl at a student party. Her mother didn't make a sound because it seemed to her a terrible thing to say.

Then, Tahara's parents began to argue with each other and so that a storm not be part of the situation, they walked until they were apart. The father wanted to stop arguing because the mother started getting angry. "This doesn't feel reasonable to me. Let's stop; there's no woman more beautiful to me than you."

While Tahara's father was sleeping, a woman suddenly appeared with him as if real. She told him he was at fault; she removed her dress and dropped it and then ran to a corner of the room.

Relay 15 Translation

The text for this relay was provided by Peter Bleackley. The Naisek  text was translated from Mike Ellis's Rhean .

Naisek Translation from Rhean English Translation of the Naisek Text
"Si Nelebarkla!" "It's a Paradox!"
Lementaxna hal dispino. Please look at the dancers.
Mitwe gauti minde. They have no plan.
Stor pehin gautim musikam josku narbelum fam. They use no music but their own voices.
Stor lentsep gauti dispaixofkap. They haven't learned any choreography.
Nage xoltor laihax supokmi natkun ehoxoki wix supim jaiksem ehoxokim. But they can perform any kind of step desired in any direction desired.
Stor laihin dispai lanhossi tep swala joufala. They perform a more precise dance than all others.
Emi gautal dispino xenglossal tep besal. There are no dancers more agile than these.
Stor reldin pone stor wasgin. They turn and move.
Jadi ir mitwe kwa denje. It seems they have one mind.
Ementi ir juku holaipti tali. It appears to be very easy for them.
Ga rampki ir xolto tesuren launtax tesuren pikipe merflape. I don't believe they can be so beautiful with such a small amount of effort.
Lo poupo stor laihin hifil natkuno ga si. It isn't that they merely perform the same steps.

I've found an error in the Naisek  text: holaipti tali should be holaip(ti)twe ti, agreeing with the dative argument, not the absolutive.

Relay 16 Translation

The text for this relay was provided by John Quijada and the initial organization was done by Jim Henry. The Naisek  text was translated from Alex Fink's Ājat he-Heloun .

Naisek Translation from Ājat he-Heloun

Glohax hal Raxmigil

Swala jemor stor leikin cefklape linkwaripe kori fusbelum,
biyoku glohax har taujer swam jemum tai kori hilum raxmigilum swam jemum joufam.
Stor hostin leikax fraspingo cefklape linkwaripe kori fusbelum,
juku darbitoku hil brumel taujelum talum.
Nage pyali jemli stwe gamlin kwim raxmigim;
stwe glohin kori tim.
Ga moldiki.

English Translation of the Naisek Text

Understanding the Virtues

Every person behaves with compassionate concern about failings,
the heart of each person making him or her understand about the virtues of each other person.
They try to behave determinedly with compassionate concern about failings,
the needs of their hearts being very important.
But few persons doubt one virtue;
they understand about it.
I'm not sure.

ZBB Conlingual Telephone IV Translation

CT IV was run by Yiuel. The Naisek  text was translated from a somewhat archaic version of English which had been translated from Classical Greek.

  Naisek Translation from English English Translation of the Naisek Text
(1) Pone bau, And now,
orasnal ku kondemnepal, you men who have condemned me,
hoxki noi hentax; I'd like to predict something to you;
kose dokkyo sik tofax because I'm going to die soon
pone he tokmilu naudolu and at such a time
rasnali mitwe xolke hentapum. men have the power of prediction.
(2) Pone noi ku gwelcaxali hentka And I predict to you who are going to murder me
ir, kellohen tofenik, that, immediately after I die,
durfeko juku lufkossil punishments much heavier
tep dil sennor droxkep he ki than what you'll have inflicted on me
mol sento raf nalum. will surely be waiting for you.
(3) Ku sennor gwelcep You'll have killed me
hoxoku fu biprantax ja ham xisnarokam wanting to escape the one making accusations
pone ga krifpax nalum holmal. and to avoid examining your lives.
(4) Nage hi sokla However, the situation
ga seno di rampume won't be what you believe,
he juku elteno ti. but something very different from it.
(5) Kose arkika ir emyento jossal noi xisnarokal Because I say that there will be more accusing you than before
— dal bahai ska hayogep — — accusers whom I've been restraining —
pone bantoku xarkostento noi and, being young, they'll be more severe with you
pone fikmenwe tal. and you'll feel more offended by them.
(6) Kose osga rampume ir, Because if you believe that
gwelcoku rasnal, by killing men
xolnor gahax ha xisnaroka blasnoka nalum holmal, you can avoid the one accusing you and censuring your lives,
os sunor fupsok; then you're making a mistake;
tingo fu biprantax to escape in such a way
gaus gaiti gaus moxkisti; is neither possible nor honorable;
laipampi raxkisampi nigotsu si the easiest and noblest way is
ga sax honckok joufal not to be crushing others,
he sax bijesmostok fu. but to be improving yourselves.
(7) He kesi hentap arkika lohai soldenka It's this prediction that I make before I depart
hali josnokali ku kondemnepali. to the judges who've condemned me.

Relay 18 Translation

CONLANG Relay 18

Naisek Translation from Šydunam

0. Hi fortekla gaiti dobyasax wix him doftekum him jafastum.

1. Soku pexkax banrasnar gofo,
2. gorme singwem donaphepim kiskesim ementati raxiniksu.
3. Ta defkoda pone glefa u him demastum isarsu jardinum.
4. Daxme ticwara daka tesu:
5. troxkta pone hoxati natax;
6. tam kolo jada holje.
7. Nage, jabloku swi dempek moxkisi,
8. cofkata tam caubrus sinsenoki.
9. Sofata hai kwaswarai banrasnai milba bani.

English Translation of the Naisek Text

0. "The game can be moved to the end of the path."

1. "While a young man was about to carve a dog,"
2. "a cloud of twisted scattered smoke appeared to the east."
3. "He collapsed and fell at the iron gate to the garden."
4. "A rich woman was standing there:"
5. "she was proud and willing to walk;"
6. "her mouth was like a living being."
7. "However, discarding every honorable thought,"
8. "she removed her shimmering helmet."
9. "She gave the lonely young man a young smile."

LCC4 Relay Ring B Translation

The original text for this relay was by David J. Peterson for the 4th Language Construction Conference. The Naisek  translation was from Roger Mills's Prevli .

Naisek Translation from Prevli English Translation of the Naisek Text
"Ha Kisno Xiskwa" "The Awful Goat"
Daxmer launar sata yokasok kaistu, dosaxpoku wof lomam. A beautiful woman was crossing a bridge riding a horse.
Ta bigoinata kisnor. A goat made her stop.
Har kisnor arkata, "Ah kudaxme! Nu mol launtun! Gixnubor!" The goat said, "Hey my woman! You're surprisingly beautiful! Let's marry!"
Har daxmer arkata, "Ce gixnenubor? Ga! Nu mol ga nisni kam daine!" The woman said, "Will we marry? No! You don't even know my name!"
Har kisnor arkata, "Nam daine? Ga campaka nam daine! The goat said, "Your name? I didn't ask your name!
Campaka ni he ir gixnubor, pone ebarkana ki kono 'Ga'?" I asked you to marry me, and you answered me 'No?'"
Har daxmer arkata, "Ni ebarkika kes!" The woman said, "I answer you here!"
Tar xekpata hi fesse ham kisnom wof ham cergam. She chopped the head of the goat off its body.
Loh arkata har fesseta u him kaistum, So the head said from the bridge,
"Ce nesi digri lo mol ebarkana ki kono 'He'?" "Does that really mean you answered me 'Yes'?"

ZBB Conlingual Telephone V Translation

This translation is awkward due to frequent use of passive + instrumental.

Naisek Translation from Bengedian

1. Hi magma kwarfu hiska wix him loftem pone sippu ruspixxa,
2. nage sippita turen tipe doyuksa lohai hi ruspixxin.
3. Plarfu otelpipe hoikpe magmalgipe doyuksa cima him loftem,
4. yuksoku hil demanil.
5. Brinkwa hi sakna dorsa sa donoplok hi lofte rusekolpe.
6. Nage hi lofte ga posalemba,
7. kose hipe magmape blona supi gwar di tipe dokelpa.
8. Augepe gwarum fislokim donopla hi xoro,
9. halfoku ti hipe humepe wix him roxmem dorsa palda.
10. Bau hi gwar kiskesixxa nage gorme sorgi singwelgi domarka,
11. soxnoku hil gwaro texpil pehoku byasin him hassem plahim.

12. Dempaki kori nu
13. dorsa hipe gwarpe edoculpa palme brafi wix him loftem huroku hi krepe.

English Translation of the Naisek Text

1. The magma initially rushed to the lake and quickly hardened,
2. but was fast enough that it approached before the hardening.
3. Next, another magmalike wave approached the lake's edge,
4. the middle ones approaching.
5. The harbor was endangered when rocks filled the lake.
6. But the lake didn't overflow,
7. because the magma boiled any water it touched.
8. A sound of sizzling water filled the ear,
9. the wind blowing it to the ocean when it rained.
10. Now the water became scattered but a big smokelike cloud raised itself,
11. pushing the shallow waters using movement to the new land.

12. I thought about you
13. when the water brought a strong storm to the lake as the ice froze.

ZBB Conlingual Telephone VI Translation

Naisek Translation from Telèmor

1. Xanhixxa hi sarme,
2. kose plau domarkeno hi tekme dema him moxtinum,
3. dingo ti sa domarkin.
4. Wof him xalmem Piyanum dokloha kwi asna raufi soki dema him sarmem,
5. myoku gicpal gorhil kanil u him fesanum;
6. til sato yampil Piyantsu ga juku xanhil.

English Translation of the Naisek Text

1. The sky became bright,
2. because soon the sun would rise in the west,
3. as it habitually rose.
4. The moon Piyan lived in one high place in the sky,
5. having dark red spots on its face;
6. they were parts of Piyan that were not very bright.

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