Naisek – A Constructed Language

Comparison Syntax

This chapter discusses all syntax, morphology, and words related to comparison.

  1. Five Things
    1. Subject and Standard
    2. Scale and Directionality
    3. Degree of Comparison
  2. Positives
    1. Absolute Positive
    2. Relative Positive
  3. Comparatives
    1. Explicit Comparatives
    2. Temporal Comparatives
  4. Superlatives
    1. Superlative of Selection
    2. Absolute Superlative
  5. Satisfactive, Excessive, and Result Constructions

Five Things

There may be up to five things involved in a comparison:
  1. the subject of comparison,
  2. the standard of comparison,
  3. the scale of comparison,
  4. the directionality of comparison,
  5. and the degree of comparison
along with the context in which the five things occur (the rest of the clause, etc.).

Subject and Standard

Scale and Directionality

Degree of Comparison


Absolute Positive

Relative Positive


Explicit Comparatives

Temporal Comparatives


Superlative of Selection

Absolute Superlative

Satisfactive, Excessive, and Result Constructions

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