Naisek – A Constructed Language

Derivational Morphology

This chapter covers the remaining morphology, none of which is strictly inflectional. It ranges from fully productive and predictable suffixes to lexicalized derivation.

  1. Derivations Using Suffixes
    1. Productive Prepositional Derivations
    2. Demonstratives and Related Words
    3. Additional Suffixes
  2. Compound Words
    1. Adverbial Compounds

Derivations Using Suffixes

Productive Prepositional Derivations

The state-change suffixes are applied regularly to any basic locational preposition; the resulting words are also prepositions.

-ToS -ix to location
-FrS -of from location
-Via -adi via location

Some of these are:

Gloss Loc. -ToS -Via -FrS
at u wix wadi wof
in dema demaix demâdi demauf
away jabo jaboix jabwâdi jabouf

Demonstratives and Related Words

Root Stem Demonstrative Locational
1 kes this/these here
1N bes
2 nes that/those there
Def tes
jaf yon yonder
Uns otes somewhere
Rel des which where
Int ces

Additional Suffixes

Suffixes that make nouns into adjectives include: Suffixes that make adjectives into nouns include: Suffixes that make nouns into nouns include:

Compound Words

Compound words (excluding some borrowed words) consistently have modifiers preceding heads.

Adverbial Compounds

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