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English translation from Jovian

The girl is very afraid.
She tells me that a fox has gone into the village today.
She doesn’t know wo that end it moves around here.
Perhaps it is hungry, and every now and then it looks for food near the hole in the oak tree behind my house.
The girl says how much she hopes that the fox does not eat Thomas.
I ask: Why would it be Thomas?
The girl says that she has not found Thomas at the poos, and he usually settles in his nest in the hole of the oak tree.
The I just realized that Thomas is a duck!
The girl says that she believes thata her grandfather’s soul is living in that bird.
Her grandfather is also called Thomas.
He has an old, large wound on his left upper arm, and that duck is marked with only one large yellow spot on its left wing.
For this very reason, the passionate girl greatly hope that the fox does not eat the bird.


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