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The girl is very scared.
She says to me that the fox has gone to the towns today.
She is not aware that he is really coming here.
Maybe he wants food and seeks at times food near the hole in the tree that obscures the house.
The girl says she frequently hopes that the fox doesn't eat Thomas.
I ask whether Thomas would be healthy.
The girl says he has found Thomas in a pond and she many times sleeps by his hole in the tree.
Now I understand that Thomas is a bird.
The girl says that she thinks that her father's father's spirit dwells in that bird.
Her father's father is named Thomas.
Her father's father's left arm is wounded and the bird's left arm is wounded.
So she hopes that the fox doesn't eat the bird.

Dek Sisag Text

Jaravwan ki'ar.
Sesagunig der kevu' disinisibas eng kairat pe geta'ufo.
Futanun der keva'un tikatfor ru desanu.
Wodranun kaigak wofradun kaigak tak ziran iw digad dur vedar dun ziran pe kaikar.
Sesag ki'ar der te'atun der kugwokun disinisibas Timas pe kikir.
Etfainig fev wokarwas Timas.
Sesag ki'ar der bekunun Timas ru difar getadun pe kikir tak dun ziran iw digad.
Eftainig der 'eran Timas fivas pe kikarfo.
Sesag ki'ar der seran tekatu'un 'eran tekatu der gegar dun bidate bidate gagar iw fivas.
gezag dun bidate bidat Timas.
Vavwan dun bidate bidate radwar vi'an vavwan fivase radwar fivasvi'an.
Za te'at der kugwok disinisibas fivas.


Dek Sisag was spoken in a moderately cold northern land by a race of nocturnal tree people. The majority of their energy came through photosynthesis, but this was not enough to sustain them through much activity, so they also farmed various fruits and grains and occasionally mouse-like creatures about a foot tall. They largely lived in small towns of about a hundred people. They live outdoors and use pits roughly 7 feet deep for storage.

They were eventually replaced by a large migration from over the mountains and their language fell out of use except in placenames and loanwords.



adjectives before nouns (they're secretly verbs)
pronouns cliticize to the preceding word
clauses stuck next to each other have an invisible "and"

most roots are triconsonantal and can be either nouns or verbs, though none of the ones in this text are used as both except for g-g-r.



b-k-t - to find
b-d-t - father
d-f-r - water, pool, stream, shower
d-g-d - tree
d-s-n - reality
f-r-d - seek, search
f-v-s - bird
f-t-n - to be aware, to notice
g-g-r - wind, breath, spirit, to blow, to fill
g-t-d - sleep, stand, eat/photosynthesize (see introduction)
g-t-' - day
g-z-g - to bear a name
k-g-k - to eat, to chew
k-k-r - occasion (corporeal)
k-r-s - healthy
k-r-t - town
k-v-' - go, come, travel
k-'-r - child
r-d-r - strong, left (they are left-handed)
r-v-n - fear
s-s-g - to say
s-r-n - possess, take hold of, grab
t-f-n - to ask
t-k-t - place, thought
T-m-s - a proper noun borrowed and reinterpreted as a root (nasals are normally only allowed in final position)
t-'-t - to hope
v-d-r - mist, fog, obscure
v-v-n - injured, wounded, broken
v-'-n - arm
z-r-n - hole
'-r-n - to be


CaCwaC - adjective (or 3rd present stative verb)
CaiCaC - plural corporeal noun
CeCaC - 3rd present imperfect
CeCaCu - non-corporeal noun (nonspecific number)
CeCuC - 3rd present perfect
CiCaC - singular corporeal noun
CiCaCe - singular genitive corporeal noun
CiCiC - corporeal noun - many
CuCaC - 3rd present negative
CuCwoC - 3rd negative subjunctive
eCCaiC - 1st present imperfect
woCCaC - 3rd present question
woCaCwaC - 3rd present stative question


(')un - 3S
ig - 1S


d - genitive (only for pronouns)
eng - to
iw - in a thing person-sized or smaller
pe - during
ru - in a thing larger than a person
tak - near


der - that, marks subordinate clauses
disinisibas - compound of disin (everything) and sibas (eater) - a small, ravenous creature which is rather dangerous to have around
dur - that, marks relative clauses
fev - if, whether, marks subordinate clauses
-fo - demonstrative, this
ja- - intensifier
za - so (conjunction)

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