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Smooth Translation

A youth rides up to me and they're frightened. They tell me that a fox is coming to the village tonight!
They don't know that the fox is actually in the cave.
They ask me, "Is the fox hungry? Will it look in this hole in the village? The fox lives in a cave so it can go into a hole easily. I do NOT want the fox to eat Tommo!"
I ask, "Tommo? How is he?"
The youth tells me that Tommo is looking for water in a hole in a pine tree.
I ask, "Is Tommo a bird?"
The youth says that the ghost of their grandfather entered a bird. The youth's grandfather's name was Tommo. The youth's grandfather had a lame hand, and the bird has a lame wing.
Therefore the youth does not want the fox to eat the bird.

Dothraki Text

Yamori dothrae anhaan ma me rokha. Me asta anhaan mejith ajada vaesishaan ajjalan!
Me vo neso mejith she qefi k’athjilari.
Me qafa anhoon, “Hash jith agarvoe? Hash me atihie jin gech she vaesish? Jith thira she qefi majin me laz vemrae gech k’athdisizari. Anha vo zalok mejith vadakha Tommo vosecchi!”
Anha qafak, “Zhey Tommo? Hash me dothrae chek?”
Yamori asta meTommo fonoe eveth she gech she dishacchra.
Anha qafak, “Hash Tommo zir?”
Yamori asta melei simonofi emra zires. Hake simonof yamorisi Tommo. Simonof yamorisi ma qorasoon darina, majin zir ma feldoon darina.
Majin yamori vo zalo mejith vadakha zires.

Grammar and Vocabulary Links

Dothraki is an SVO lightly inflectional language that is largely head-initial. Adjectives follow the nouns they modify, as do possessors. The entire grammar of the Dothraki language has been compiled on this wiki:

Main Wiki Page

In particular, here are the sections that will be relevant to this exercise:

Phonology & Romanization: Phonology
Grammar: Grammar
Vocabulary: Vocabulary

Some notes on using this information, and proceeding with your translation:

-The distinction between animate and inanimate nouns is important when it comes to how nouns are inflected for case and number. For a full treatment, see this article on noun animacy: Noun Animacy

-This is the article on noun case: Noun Cases

-Be sure to note when and how adjectives agree with nouns in case. For specific information, see this subsection of the following article: Agreement

-The case of a noun following a preposition is detailed in this table: Prepositions (Note: The words for "and" and "with" are homophonous. Only the preposition "with" assigns case.)

-The third person singular pronoun and the subordinate particle are homophonous, but differ sharply in function. In effect, me- the subordinating particle attaches like a prefix to the subordinate clause.

-Yes/no questions are preceded by "hash". For more information and that and other syntactic matters, see this article: Syntax

-Tommo is a personal name unique to this text. It inflects as an animate noun.

-The phrase "Hash x dothrae chek?" means, effectively, "How is x?"

-Zhey can be used to invoke a name, or to question it, in addition to its vocative function.

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