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English from iljena

A child was panicking. She said to me, "This evening a fox has come to the village." She did not know that the fox had gone underground.
"Does the fox want food, will it look near the hole in the tree, so as not to obstruct its own burrow?" The child said, "I wish he does not eat Thomas."
I asked, "Is Thomas well?"
The child said Thomas often found water at the hole in the tree.
I asked, "Is Thomas a raven?"
The child had the idea that her grandfather's spirit inhabited the raven. Her father's father's name was Thomas. Her grandfather had a wound on his left arm, the raven had a wound on its left wing. This is why the child wished the fox would not eat the raven.

iljena Text

itilidi. ihwema silaf, "fotn ufkes arabse." uhuwumu hwim vrata efaks abarwe.
"fukasi hiwma apublo, fukasi ipriko ednad howl, bnaga ufukusu hwusa hawim borw?" itleda, "silfa ufukusu fkosu tumos." selfo, "vulasi items?"
itleda plata hops utimso aqatr ednad howl.
selfo, "tumasi kvasa?"
itleda ehwam ithot egran birit kovs. ehwam eptar eptar emqan tmasa. egram ewundo snasa humor, ekvas ewundo snasa wunog.
qsata beng tilda ufukusu fkoso kuvos.


iljena is spoken by the Leyen people, who live on the fourth planet of the Delta Pavonis system. They are crepuscular bipeds with vibrissae all over their bodies. As a result of their sensitivity to air movements, they perceive themselves as being immersed in an active world, and their language reflects this. Every word is a noun and a verb at the same time. The noun consists of a triconsonantal root, which is interdigitated with a vowel pattern representing the verb. Everything is seen as an participant in the overall action of the sentence, playing a particular role. Word order is used to group together related participants, and to indicate the overall flow of the action.


Noun Roots

bng reason
brt spirit
brw underground space
dnd tree
fks a small wild carnivore
ftn twilight
grn grandparent
hmr arm
hps time
hwl hole
hwm he, she, it
kvs a birdlike creature, similar to a raven
mqn name
pbl food
plt 512, many
prk nearby thing
ptr father
qst this, what
qtr water
rbs village
slf I
sns left-hand thing
tht idea
tld child
tms proper name
vls health
vrt truth
wnd wound
wng wing

Verb Patterns

Numbers represent consonant positions.

12a3a be
12i3 know
12u3a obstruct
12u3o eat
1a2i3 dwell
1e23o ask
1i23a wish, want
1i2a3 hear
1i2i3 inhabit
1o23 hold
1u2a3i does it? is it?
1u2os suffer
a1a23 stand
a1a23e receive
a1u23o nourish
e12a3 have
e1a23 go
e1u23o harm
i12e3a say, speak
i12i3o look
i12o3 inform
i1e23 benefit
i1i2i3i panic
u12e3 come
u1i23o find
u1u2u3u do not

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