CONLANG Translation Relay 25

Ring B Dragonian

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Smooth English Translation from Tekhwos

They overcame their upbringing, by speaking to their big domesticated cat.
I think they are a big cat.
They lied that they opened a container, they needed Thomas
I asked, "Is Thomas really a container?"
"No! This is Thomas, he is not a small container."
Thomas carried the fish with them.
They both were perplexed that the cat ate the fish.

Smooth English Translation of the Dragonian

They overcame their childhood, by talking with their big house-cat.
I think they are a big cat.
They lied, that they opened the bottle; because they needed Thomas.
I said, "Thomas is a bottle?"
He replied, "This is Thomas, he is not a small bottle!"
The fish were carried by them and Thomas.
The cat ate the fish. Perplexing them both.

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