OVS –  A Constructed Language

OVS Semantics


There are 6 cases a noun can take:

  1. -Agt: Agentive: actor, agent, donor.
  2. -Pat: Patientive: descriptee, patient, recipient; as recipient, it appears before any theme of an active verb.
  3. .Thm: Thematic: agent, patient, location, stimulus, theme; this is 0-marked
  4. -Gen: Genitive: partitive, objective genitive.
  5. -Pos: Possessive: possessive, subjective genitive.
  6. -Voc: Vocative: identifies addressee(s).


Tag Name Applies to Acts as Description
.Aor Aoristic Dynamic Dynamic simple action; no absolute present
-Prg Progressive Dynamic Dynamic action or change in progress
-Hab Habitual Dynamic Static multiple occasions
-Ret Retrospective Dynamic Static result, experience, indefinite relative past
-Pro Prospective Dynamic Static anticipation, indefinite relative future
.Stat Stative Static Static simple state
-Inch Inchoative Static Dynamic enter state
-Term Terminative Static Dynamic leave state

Tense and Modality

The past and present tenses are realis, while the future is irrealis, hence its placement.

The modalities are: potential (can, must), deontic (may, shall), epistemic (may must), evidential (witness, hearsay).

The contrafactual forms are not only irrealis, but contrary to fact.

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