Mar30 –  A Constructed Language

Mar30 Phonology and Orthography

The Sounds

  Unrounded Rounded
Front Central Back
High i i i: - - - u u u:
Mid - e E e: - o o o: -
Low - - a A a: - -

  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops V'less p p - t t - - k k - ' ?
Voiced b b d d g g -
Nasals Voiced m m - n n - - n N - -
Affricates V'less - - c tS) - -
Voiced j dZ)
Fricatives V'less - f f s s x S - q X h h
Trills Voiced - r r - - -
Approximants w w - l l - y j - -


Short [u] appears only in diphthongs. Diphthongs include ai [ai], au [au], ui [ui], and iu [iu]. All other vowel sequences are disyllabic.

Each of the 20 consonants except y, w, h, j, and the voiced stops can be geminates or codas. The vocoids y, w, and h combine with the preceding short vowel when in coda position to form diphthongs and long vowels:

Diphthong and Long Vowel Origins
Vowel + y   + h   + w  
i ī ē iu
e ē ā ō
a ai ā au
o iu ō iu
- -i -a -o

Any consonant may appear as an onset. The basic onset clusters are as follows:
pr, tr, kr, br, dr, gr, fr, xr, qr, pl, tl, kl, bl, gl, fl, xl, ql.

In addition the following initial clusters occur:
sp, st, sc, sk, sm, sn, and possibly others.

The coda clusters can appear only after a short vowel; they are:
sp, st, sc, sk, mp, nt, nc, nk, rp, rt, rc, rk, lp, lt, lc, lk.


Additional Phonology

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