The Jul13 Constructed Language

Jul13 Phonology and Orthography

The orthography used here is a transliteration of the native writing system, with doubled letters substituting for diacritical marks. The 22 letters used are a b c d e f g h i k l m n o p q r s t u x z; the letters j v w y aren't used.

The proposed phonetic values are given below. The 1st table shows the 18 consonant phones (17 phonemes) that can appear while the 2nd table shows the 5 vowel phonemes; the corresponding orthography is also given. Letters marked with an asterisk * appear in more than one place in the tables.

  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops V'less p p - t t - - k k - -
Voiced b b - d d - - g g - -
Nasals Voiced m m - n* n - - n* ŋ - -
Affricates V'less - - c t͡ʃ - -
Voiced - - z d͡ʒ - -
Fricatives V'less - f θ s s x ʃ - q χ h h
Trills Voiced - - r r - - -
Approximants - - l l - - -

Vowel Phonemes
  Front Central Back
High i i - - - u u
Mid - e e - - - o o -
Low - a a - -

Syllables and Words

Syllables are (C(L))V(V|L|N)(C), where N is homorganic to the following consonant. Any single consonant may appear as an onset; onset clusters are limited to (most) obstruents plus a liquid. Post-resonant coda consonants are limited to voiceless obstruents.

Vowel Combination

Certain 2-vowel sequences combine into a single long vowel or diphthong:

Vowel Combinations
  + i + u + a
i ii i: uu u: oo o:
o ee e: oo o: aa a:
e ai ai au au aa a:

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