Hive2 –  A Constructed Language

Hive2 Usage

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The usage of the modal particles is as follows:

The relevent hive is type 1 except in question addressed to another hive, in which case it's type 2.


There are actually 9 semantic aspects, even though there are only 6 aspect markers. The descriptions of the aspects follow:

The aspects markers are matched to the semantic aspects as follows:

Determining Time

Things that force the time of a verb to be non-present include aoristic aspect, temporal adverbs other than "now", and most temporal adjunct clauses. Unless overridden by a temporal adverb, verbs with future modality have future time when non-present while verbs with other modalities have past time when non-present. Unless overridden, verbs with aspects other than aoristic have present time.


When the verb is negated, only the semantic predicate is affected, not the universal or existential quantification whose scope contains the predicate. The modality of the sentence is also not affected by negation of the verb.

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