Toilan –  A Constructed Language

Toilan Writing System

Alphabetic Symbols

Toilan Printed Glyphs

The image shows a table of printed glyphs.

The blue letters above each simple glyph show the romanization of that glyph; the red letter to the right of each glyph is the keystroke used in typing it.

This writing system is a pseudo-featural abugida (more or less); each simple glyph denotes either a consonant cluster, a single consonant, or a vowel, and each composite symbol denotes a vowel, possibly preceded by a consonant or consonant cluster and possibly followed by a final nasal consonant.


When one of the 21 consonant glyphs is used, it appears (and is typed) first, followed by one of the 4 vowel glyphs, whose vertical stem overlays that of the consonant; otherwise, just the vowel glyph appears (and typed). The word-final nasal consonant is typed last when used and acts as a diacritic attached to the stem above the vowel.

Note that when the font is used (horizontal mode), the letter |e| must be typed even when there's a preceding consonant.

Numeric Symbols

Toilan Numeric Glyphs

The image shows a table of printed glyphs.

The ones and tens glyphs combine to form the remaining symbols from 1 to 99. For larger numbers, symbol sequences are needed; the general order is
with factor |no| omitted.

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