Toilan –  A Constructed Language

Toilan Phonology and Orthography

The Sounds

  Unrounded Rounded
Front Neutral Back
High i i  \ I - - -
High in iN - - -
Mid - e e  \ E - o o
Mid - en &N - on oN
Low - - a a  \ A -
Low - - an AN -

  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops Voiceless p p t t k k 0 ?
Nasals Voiced m m n n n N -
Fricatives Voiceless - s s - -
Approximants - l l - 0 .

The letter n is «N» when final or before k.

A glottal stop «?» is pronounced before an otherwise initial vowel. If that vowel is either i or o and is followed by another vowel, the pronunciations «?:j» and «?:w_» are used instead of «?i» and «?o», respectively.


The only final consonant is n. The following medial clusters exist:

Medial Consonant CLusters
  Labial Coronal Dorsal
Stops Voiceless pp p: - tt t: - kk k:
Nasals Voiced mp m.p - nt n.t - nk N.k
Fricatives Voiceless sp s.p sm s.m st s.t ss s: sk s.k
Approximants lp l.p - lt l.t - lk l.k


Except for single consonants immediately preceding vowels, all segments are moraic. (C)V syllables (1 mora) are light and (C)VC syllables (2 morae) are heavy. Stress is weight-sensitive. If at least one of the last 3 syllables is heavy, the last heavy syllable is stressed; otherwise, the penult is stressed. However, words of only 2 morae may be unstressed and words of only 1 mora can't be stressed.

A word has only one primary stress; however, a compound or modified noun, or an incorporating verb may retain its original stress as a secondary stress.

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