Ampkohlaš –  A Constructed Language

Ampkohlaš Writing System

The image shows a table of printed glyphs.

TCR4 Printed Glyphs

This writing system is a pseudo-featural abugida (more or less); each symbol denotes a consonant plus a vowel, or just a consonant.

There are 11 "root" glyphs of which 8 are modified by loops to form an additional 8 "stem" glyphs; 5 of those are modified by a second loop to form more "stem" glyphs. Each of the 24 "stem" glyphs (including the "root" glyphs) is used to denote a consonant phoneme.

The glyphs are again modified by the addition of a stroke, a pair of strokes, a dot, or a stroke and a dot; each of these modifications denotes a vowel phoneme.

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