Ampkohlaš –  A Constructed Language

Ampkohlaš Phonology and Orthography

Note: The letters æ, œ, and y stand for the harmonizing vowels (low, mid, and high/zero, respectively); N stands for the homorganic nasal.

The Sounds

  Unrounded Rounded
Front Neutral Back
High i i I - - -
High in i~: - - -
Mid - e E & - o o O
Mid - en &~: - on O~:
Low - - a a A -
Low - - an A~: -

  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops Voiceless p p t t - - k k - h ?
Ejective p' t' k' q q' -
Voiced b b d d g g -
Nasals Voiced m m n n - - ŋ N - -
Affricates Voiceless - c ts) č tS) - -
Voiced z dz) ž dZ)
Fricatives Voiceless f P s s š S (x) C x x (q) X -
Approximants - l l - j j u w - -


The 2nd phonetic value for each oral vowel occurs next to q. Two consecutive oral vowels of the same basic quality are treated as a single long vowel. The nasal vowels occur only before fricatives and approximants.

The velar nasal ŋ is always preceded by a vowel. The ejective allophones occur before the plain voiceless stops and affricates and before nasal consonants. The palatal allophone «C¬ occurs next to i or e.

The onset clusters here are pl, bl, kl, and gl.

Ampkohlaš allows rather complicated consonant sequences and arbitrary vowel sequences.


Except for the onset clusters and single consonants immediately preceding vowels, all segments are moraic.

Vowel Harmony

Ampkohlaš has front-back vowel harmony, where i and e are front while o and a are non-front. The low vowel a alternates with e and the high vowel i alternates with o. There are some non-harmonizing o's and i's which are realizations of the consonants u and j, respectively.

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