Nov28 –  A Constructed Language

Nov28 Morphology

The main word classes are nouns, verb, adjectives, and cardinal numbers. There are also pronouns, auxiliaries, conjunctions, and particles. Verbs are either static or dynamic.



Nouns are inflected for case. The case suffixes are:

Case Suffixes
Word Tag Description Usage
0 .Abs absolutive themes, patients, patientive subjects, and predicates
-tr -Erg ergative donors, agents, and agentive subjects
-ke -Dat dative recipients, perceivers
-nu -Ins instrumental instruments
-de -Mod modal modal auxiliary arguments
-so -Loc locative locations
-sor -All allative destinations
-sono -Abl ablative origins
-sokl -Per perlative routes
-cu -Gen genitive possessors
-pa -Par partitive wholes
-he -Voc vocative addressees
-ten -Std standard standard of comparison

Adverbs of Degree and Manner

Adverbs of degree are formed by adding the suffix -Deg to nouns denoting units of measurement.

Adverbs of manner are formed by adding the suffix -Man to verbs.

Adverb Suffixes
Word Tag Description
# -Deg degree of comparison
-zi -Man manner


Pronouns are inflected for case like nouns. They include:

Word Tag Description
mi 1S 1st person singular
ma 1P 1st person plural
su 2 2nd person
ce SS 3rd person, same subject
tu Rfx reflexive
ka Cor coreferential


Some regular derivational suffixes are:

Derivational Suffixes
Word Tag Description Applies To
-zo -Ord ordinal number cardinal number
-zo -Cpr comparative-superlative adjective
-fl -Equ equative adjective
-'r -Inc inchoative adjective or static verb
-no -Trm terminative adjective or static verb
-kl -Via viative adjective or static verb

Verb to Noun Suffixes

Here are some possible nominalizing suffixes:

Word Tag Subject Role
-mo -NAbs absolutive
-ti -NErg ergative
# -NDat dative
-sl -NIns instrumental
-ho -NLoc locative

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