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Modal Auxiliaries

The modal auxiliaries, including the epistemic particles, come in pairs, as shown in the following table:

Modal Auxiliary Summary
  Necessity Possibility
Epistemic * - * -
Deontic *ken kon *krh kah
Social *wek wek, weg *rjnt rint, rind
Natural *jwh yuh *thj si, ç

The usage of each pair of auxiliaries, along with negation, is shown in the following tables. Negation doesn't apply to the epistemic particles.

Deontic Modality Usage
Necessity Possibility Auxiliary
  required to   not permitted to avoid kon-
not required to     permitted to avoid kondig-
  required to avoid not permitted to   kattig-
not required to avoid   permitted to   kah-

Social Modality Usage
Necessity Possibility Auxiliary
  expected to   not (???) avoid weg-
not expected to     (???) avoid wektig-
  expected to avoid not (???)   rintig-
not expected to avoid   (???)   rind-

Natural Modality Usage
Necessity Possibility Auxiliary
  (inevitable)   not possible to avoid yuh-
not (inevitable)     possible to avoid yuttig-
  (inevitable) avoid not possible to   sidig-
not (inevitable) avoid   possible to   ç-

Usage of the Cases

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