November 2010 Conlang

Nov10 Phonology

Consonant and Vowel Symbols

Consonant and Vowel Symbols
  Stops Nasals Fricatives Trills Vocoids
  Voiceless Voiced Voiced Voiceless Voiced Voiced
Labial |p| p p |v| b b B |m| m m      
Coronal |t| t t |d| d d D |n| n n |s| s s |r| r r |l| l l
Dorsal |c| c c |j| j | 1 |y| ñ J |h| x S   |j| i i
|q| q k |g| g g G N x   |a| a A\
k{ g{ G{ N{   |v| u u
Guttural       |h| h h   |o| o @#

Syllables and Prosody

Syllables are (C)V(X), where X is either C or V.

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