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Mar27 Related Words

Determiners and Related Words

Tag Word Description
Uni 'aine universal quantifier
Exi jin existential quantifier
Nul naane nullar quantifier
NR   non-referential
Ind ji non-specific indefinite
Spc si specific indefinite
Def de definite
Dem la demonstrative
CQ qa content question
Rel xi relativizer
Sam fal "the same"

Related Words
Tag Description Spatial Verb Adverbs
Manner Degree TimeWhen Duration
Uni universal quantifier 'aimo everywhere - - 'aivo 'aihee
Exi existential quantifier 'jimmo somewhere - - 'jimbo 'jimfee
Nul nullar quantifier naamo nowhere - - naavo naahee
Prox proximal demonstrative siimo here sivan - xuu -
Medi medial demonstrative deemo there devan - doo -
Dist distal demonstrative laimo yonder lavan - - -
CQ content question qaimo where qavan qayuu qau qahee
Sat satisfactive penjim   pemban penjuu pembo penhee
Sam "the same" falyim   falvan falyuu falvo falhee


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