Mar27 –  A Constructed Language

Mar27 Phonology and Orthography


The temporary Mar27 orthography uses the latin alphabet plus the apostrophe.

Sounds and Orthography

The 1st table show the vowel phones that can appear along with the corresponding letter. Doubled vowel letters represent long vowels (but these may be replaced by vowel letters with circumflexes). The 2nd table shows the consonants. Letters marked with an asterisk * appear in more than one place in the tables.

Vowel Qualities
  Unrounded Rounded
Front Back
High i i - - - - u u
High-Mid - e e - - o o -
Low-Mid - ɛ - - - -
Low - - a* a a* ɑ - -

Consonant Qualities
  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops V'less p p - - t t - - k k - ' ʔ
Voiced b b - - d d - - g g - -
Nasals Voiced m m - - n* n - - n* ŋ - -
Affricates V'less - - c t͡ʃ - -
Voiced - - j d͡ʒ - -
Fricatives V'less - f f r θ s s x ʃ - q χ h h
Voiced - v v ð z z y* ʒ - w ʁ -
Approximants - - l l - y* j - -


The diphthongs are ai [ai] and au [au]. All other vowel sequences,if any, are disyllabic.

Any single consonant may appear as an onset; there are no onset clusters. The letters v, y, w, r, and h don't appear initially.

Any single consonant except b, d, g, j, v, y, w, z, and h may occur in coda position; there are no coda clusters.

Medial clusters (coda + onset) may occur. Nasal codas assimilate to the POA of the following stop, affricate, nasal, or approximant. The consonants [p], [t], [k], [t͡ʃ], [θ], [f], [s], [ʃ], [χ], [m], [n], and [l] can be geminate (coda + onset). The letters p, t, k, c, f, x, and q are always geminate between vowels; currently, the geminates must be written with double letters.



Syllables can be light (1 mora) or heavy (2 moras). The stress is usually on the penult if it's heavy and the antepenult if it's not (assuming there is an antepenult). However, an ultima with a long vowel or diphthong attracts the stress, e.g. [ʃiˈgai], [ʃiˈgai.ho]. Also, root syllables are preferred over prefixes, e.g. [dɑsˈpɛk].

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