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A given noun is either animate (A) or inanimate (I). Except for mass nouns and the dummy noun do, nouns are declined for number (singular and plural). All nouns are declined for case; the morphological cases are absolutive (Abs), ergative (Erg), dative (Dat), and genitive (Gen). There are 4 noun declensions.

The following table shows the endings for each combination of number and case, for each declension:

Noun Declension Endings
  Singular Plural
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Abs -0 -s -ho -so -Vs
Erg -k -ge -ke -hok -sok -Vske
Dat -ri -rri -hori -sori -Vrri
Gen -bo -po -spo -hobo -sobo -Vspo

Noun Declension Examples
  Singular Plural
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Abs daqpe lortai podek sampax daqpes lortaiho podekso sampahis
Erg daqpek lortaige podekke sampaxke daqpehok lortaihok podeksok sampahiske
Dat daqperi lortairi podekri sampaxri daqperri lortaihori podeksori sampahirri
Gen daqpebo lortaibo podekpo sampaxpo daqpespo lortaihobo podeksobo sampahispo

Mandatory Possessors

Certain nouns (N2) must have possessors, so they take possessive prefixes. See the next section for the pronominal tags and descriptions.

Possessor Prefixes
1S 1XP 1ND 1NP 2S 2P 3TS 3TP 3AS 3AP 3IS 3IP Rfx
se- sen- ma- man- ka- kan- 'e- 'en- da- das- i- is- ti-

Pos% Pos# Root Sub# Case Notes
N1 (P) (E/D/G)
1/N/2/3T (P) N2 (P) (E/D/G) possessor plural is n
3A/3I (P) N2 (P) (E/D/G) possessor plural is s
Rfx N2 (P) (E/D/G)
N2 (P) (E/D/G)


Pronoun Descriptions
Tag Description
1S 1st person, singular
1ND 1st person, dual, inclusive
1NP 1st person, plural, inclusive
1XP 1st person, plural, exclusive
2S 2nd person, singular
2P 2nd person, plural
3TS 3rd person, animate, topical, singular
3TP 3rd person, animate, topical, plural
3AS 3rd person, animate, other, singular
3AP 3rd person, animate, other, plural
3IS 3rd person, inanimate, singular
3IP 3rd person, inanimate, plural
Rfx reflexive
Rsm resumptive
CQA interrogative, animate
CQI interrogative, inanimate

Local Pronouns

The local pronouns are those of the 1st and 2nd persons. The absolutive forms are used only before the oblique case markers.

Local Pronouns
  1S 1XP 1ND 1NP 2S 2P
Abs bi- bis- me- mes- go- gos-
Erg sek senke mak manke kak kanke
Dat seri sendi mari mandi kari kansi
Gen sebo sempo mabo mampo kabo kampo

3rd Person Pronouns

The inanimate pronouns lack the ergative and dative cases. The absolutive forms of the animate pronouns are used only before the oblique case markers.

3rd Person Pronouns
  3TS 3TP 3AS 3AP 3IS 3IP
Abs 'e- 'es- da- das- i is
Erg 'ek 'enke dak danke - -
Dat 'eri 'endi dari dandi - -
Gen 'ebo 'espo dabo daspo ibo ispo

Additional Pronouns

The absolutive form of the reflexive pronoun is used only before the oblique case markers.

Additional Pronouns
  Rfx Rsm CQA CQI
Abs ta- no qaa qai
Erg - nok qaage -
Dat - nori qaari -
Gen tabo nobo qappo qaibo

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