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MNCL6 Temporal Morphosyntax

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Calendar and Clock

Temporal Units

Glosses marked with an asterisk * are analogous (but not the same duration). Glosses in quotes are provided only for convenient labeling.

Temporal Units
Gloss Name # Units
second mezhe - -
"minute" takle 90 mezha
"hour" yoore 50 takla
day* nike 20 yoora
"week" boide 9 nika
season* sunne 10 boida
year* valde 4 sunna
century* valdotke 100 valda

Unit Names

Instead of using ordinal numbers, units are numbered starting from 0, with the number taking the combining final -au and preceding the unit type, e.g. pukhau valdai "in the 1st year (year 0)". Dates and times are always given from largest unit to smallest. The genitive case is used to join the units and the locative case is used when the units are adverbial.

Day Names

The days of the "week" have short names. The 10th day (day 9) is used only in the last "week" of certain years (similar to leap year).

Day Names
Gloss # Name
1st day 0 pukhnik·
2nd day 1 yaanik·
3rd day 2 soinik·
4th day 3 duznik·
5th day 4 nannik·
6th day 5 reenik·
7th day 6 shilnik·
8th day 7 thernik·
9th day 8 vinnik·
leap day 9 khoonik·


The year begins with the vernal equinox. The names of the seasons given in the following table are used instead of number names:

Gloss # Name
spring 0 nilb·
summer 1 laath·
autumn 2 sokhn·
winter 3 ku't·

Time of Day

Noon is the start of hour 5 and midnight is the start of hour 15. Daytime (set·) is roughly hours 00 through 09 and night (kuth·) is roughly hours 10 through 19.

Hour Names
# Daytime # Night
0 setpukh· 10 kuthpukh·
1 sedyav· 11 kuuyav·
2 setsoy· 12 kuthsoy·
3 sedduz· 13 kuuduz·
4 setnan· 14 kuthnan·
5 setrey· 15 kuthrey·
6 setchil· 16 kuthshil·
7 setther· 17 kuthther·
8 sedvim· 18 kuuvim·
9 setkhov· 19 kuthkhov·

Other Temporal Words

The following table lists some other temporal words:

Other Temporal Words
Gloss Word Notes
last dor· used with time units
now, this in·
next vel·
daytime set·
night kuth·
yesterday dornik·
today innik·
tomorrow velnik·
last night dorkuth·
tonight inkuth·
tomorrow night velkuth·
daytime yesterday dorset·
daytime today inset·
daytime tomorrow velset·

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