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MNCL6 Phonology and Orthography

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Letters and Sounds

The tables show the relevent phonetic symbols (in IPA) with the corresponding orthographic (romanization) symbols. The 27 letters and consonant digraphs used are:
a b ch d e f g i j k kh l m n o p r s sh t th u v y z zh 'q w x aren't used.

In the following tables, an asterisk * indicates that the letter is used for more than one sound.

Vowel Qualities

There are 6 short vowel phonemes, 5 long vowels, and 3 diphthongs. The diphthongs are: [ɔi] oi, [ai] ai, and [au] au. All other vowel sequences are disyllabic. Note that the schwa is not written, but inserted between consonants when needed.

  front central back
high i iː i ii - - - u uː u uu
high-mid - ee - ə   - oo -
low-mid - ɛ e - - ɔ o -
low - a aː a aa - -

Consonant Qualities

There are 22 consonant phonemes using 24 phones.

  labial coronal dorsal guttural
nasal voiced m m - - n n* - ɲ n* ŋ n* - -
stop voiced b b - - d d - - g g - -
voiceless p - - t - - k - ʔ '
affricate voiced - - d͡ʒ j - -
voiceless - - t͡ʃ ch - -
fricative voiced - v v - z z ʒ zh ʝ y - -
voiceless - f f θ th s s ʃ sh - x kh - -
rhotic voiced - - r r - - -
vocoid voiced - - l l - - -


The following rhyme types appear:

light: -V
heavy: -Vː, -VV, -VC


Words of 3 or more syllables stress the antepenult unless the penult is heavy, in which case they stress the penult.

Words of 2 syllables ....

Words of 1 syllable are stressed if heavy and unstressed if light.


Vowel Alterations

Long vowels and diphthongs alternate with sequences of short vowels + consonants, the latter appearing before a vowel. The following table shows the possible alternations.

Vowel Alternations
Vː, VV ii ee aa oo uu au ai oi
VC- iy- ey- av- ov- uv- ev- ay- oy-

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