Jul17 –  A Constructed Language

Jul17 Phonology and Orthography

The tables show the relevent phonetic symbols (in IPA) with the corresponding orthographic symbols. The letters used are: a b c d e f g h i l m n o p q r s t u x; j k v w y z aren't used.

Vowel Qualities

There are 5 vowel phonemes; each occurs both short and long. Long vowels are marked with macrons.

Vowel Qualities
  front central back
high i i* - - - u u*
mid - e e - o o -
low - - a - -

Consonant Qualities

There are approximately 20 consonant phonemes.

Consonant Qualities
  labial coronal dorsal guttural
stop voiceless p p - t t - - k c qu -
voiced b b - d d - - g g gu -
nasal voiced m m - n n* - - ŋ n* - -
fricative voiceless - f f s s - ç x* x x* xu h h
trill voiced - r r - - -
vocoid voiced - l l - j i* - w u* -

Syllables and Prosody

Syllables are (C(L))V(V)(C).

Orthographic Notes


Phoneme Combinations

Two adjacent protolanguage vowels may combine into one long vowel or diphthong, as shown in the following table:

Vowel Combinations
  + 0 + *i + *ə + *a + *u
*i i io ia iu
e, o ē, ō
*a a ai au
*u u ui ue ua

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