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Conlang Translation Relay 20, Ring 1

This was translated from Sam Stutter's Gyanese.

Conlang Translation Relay 20, Ring 1
  Jan12 English
0 pû boula bules hafko ko takle An Unplanned Wilderness Encounter
1 moskuan funde dolasne barto bei cisoktek balanka. The town people leave the soil and inhabit the city.
  mankuei sikman ko demban ko passepiâ bei ko salin hafko bei ko salin barto. Both a town woman and a wilderness woman went to an upland river's edge.
2 muculu salin hafko salin barto The town woman asked the wilderness woman,
  "yau gilik sali, meijen cî yû citel sikman demba?" "Little woman, what are you doing at the river's edge?"
3 mudepu hâ salin hafko The wilderness woman told her,
  "yau golak salin barto, meiladopla guade vî." "Big town woman, I collect water."
4 mudepu hâ salin barto The town woman said to her,
  "pusfa meilanixpa sufne vî le veskon vî; "I never waste my time and intellect;
  pû meilajen ko zazbel vî." I don't do anything similar."
5 jamhe miyulto salin barto, Because the town woman was a lady,
  pû mifor ciladopla guade hâ. she didn't need to collect water.
6 muculkau salin hafko The wilderness woman asked,
  "mankuisti yû koda cî?" "Why did you come here?"
7 mudepkau salin barto The town woman said,
  "mankuisti vî koda termexa vî mondolasne deso tapiou vî cimol tai." "I came here to see the folkways of the place I arose from."
8 mudepkau salin hafko The wilderness woman said,
  "pû! "No!
  meilagantohu neimonek lasalin barto tifane yol cudopla guade koda cî? Why do the honorable town women think it's below you to collect water?
  pû mozvelti hî. That's not true.
  meilagantohu yol tifane yol tujentodu yol koda cuhaxkek. You think it's below you to kneel for labor.
  mossamxo velti gossa mihaxkeka zal cibul funde koda tubonte zal." The truth appears only if we labor in the soil to become enlightened."
9 mudepkau salin barto The town woman said,
  "falta meisokte ko barto vî, "Though I live in a town,
  ce mipiâda vî mon mixaudu vî?" am I rising or falling?"

Conlingual Telephone VII

This was translated from Himmaswa.

Conlingual Telephone VII
  Jan12 English
1 tasfa tanvalajenel When action began,
  mifelsu notes tâlok laxoi; things exceeding darkness were missing;
  mipukil. there was nothing.
2 seser, However,
  manlof yorti gastom jibunek Aigau. the god Aigau gave the world light.
3 mannado sancen ko demba A river of lava flowed
  cukuei nolkaine car, going to the middle of the sky,
  cuzouku binalta. creating the sun.
4 mampiâda binalta bei The sun rose and
  manxaudu hâ — it fell —
5 manzeipiâda binalta bei the sun must have risen and
  manzeixaudu hâ — it must have fallen —
6 lez jima, every day,
  jamhe tihomma Aigau. because Aigau was benevolent.

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