Dec11A –  A Constructed Language

Dec11A Phonology and Orthography

The tables show the relevent phonetic symbols (in IPA) with the corresponding orthographic (romanization) symbols. The letters used are:
a c e h i j k m n o p r s t u;
b d f g l q v w x y z aren't used.

Vowel Qualities

There are 7 phonetic vowel qualities occurring as 5 short vowels, 5 long vowels, and 3 diphthongs: [ae] ae, [ao] ao, and [ɔi] oi.

Vowel Qualities
  front back
high i(:) i(i) - - ɯ(:) u(u)
high-mid - e: ee - - o: oo -
low-mid - ɛ e - ɔ o -
low - a(:) a(a) -

Consonant Qualities

There are 23 consonant phones and 10 consonant phonemes.

Consonant Qualities
  labial coronal dorsal guttural
stop voiceless p p - - t t - c k* k k* - -
voiced b - - d - - g - -
nasal voiced m m - - n n* - ɲ n* ŋ n* - -
affricate voiceless - - t͡s s* t͡ʃ c - -
voiced - - d͡z d͡ʒ - -
fricative voiceless - - s ʃ ç s* x s* - h h
trill voiced - - r r - - -
flap voiced - - ɾ - - -
vocoid voiced - - j j - -

Syllables and Phonotactics

The possible syllable types are (C)V, (C)V:, (C)VV, and (C)VC.

Postvocalic onsets: [b], [d], [g], [d͡z], [d͡ʒ], [m], [n], [ɾ], [h], and [j].

Other onsets: [p], [t], [k], [t͡s], [t͡ʃ], [m], [n], [ɾ], [h], and [j].

Geminates: [p:] pp, [t:] tt, [c:] kj, [k:] kk, [t:͡s] ts, [t:͡ʃ] tc, [ç:] sj, [ʃ:] cj, [m:] mm, [n:] nn, [ɲ:] nj, and [r:] rr.

Codas: [k], [s], [ç], [x], [ʃ], [m], [n], [ɲ], [ŋ], and [ɾ].

Coda k appears only before m, n, r, h, and j, alternating with gemination of stops and affricates. The allophone [c] occurs with j or before i, e.

Coda [m] appears before p or m,
[ñ] appears before j or [c],
[ŋ] appears before k, and
[n] appears otherwise.

Coda [ç] occurs when combined with j or between i or e and a coronal consonant.
Coda [x] appears between a, o, or u and a coronal consonant.
Coda [s] appears otherwise.

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