Aug06 –  A Constructed Language

Aug06 Writing System

Aug06 Printed Glyphs

The native writing system uses a 26 symbol alphabet. 15 of the symbols are consonant letters, 5 are vowel letters, and 6 are diacritical marks. 3 of the diacritics appear over vowel letters and 3 over consonant letters.

The alphabet is mapped onto the ASCII letters. Diacritics are typed before the letter they appear on. The ASCII consonant letters are: P T C K F S X Q B D J G M N H and the ASCII vowel letters are: I E A O U; these are all the same letters used in the romanization. The ASCII vowel diacritic letters are: W Y L; these correspond to the same letters in the romanization. The ASCII consonant diacritic letters are: R V Z.

There are some discrepancies between the romanization and the ASCII symbols: the romanizations ll and rr are entered as DL and RDL, respectively.

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