Apr28 –  A Constructed Language

Apr28 Phonology and Orthography

The tables show the relevent phonetic symbols (in IPA) with the corresponding orthographic symbols.

Vowel Qualities

There are 8 vowel phonemes. There are 2 diphthongs (ai [ai] and au [au]). The vowels may be short or long except that short y and oe don't occur.

Vowel Qualities
  front back
high i, y i, y - - u u
high-mid e, ø e, oe - - o o
low-mid - ɛ æ - -
low - - ɑ a -

Consonant Qualities

There are approximately 20 consonant phonemes.

Consonant Qualities
  labial coronal dorsal guttural
stop voiceless p pʼ p - t tʼ t - - k kʼ k - ʔ '
voiced b β b - d ð d - - g ɣ g - -
affricate voiceless - - t͡ʃ t͡ʃʼ c - -
voiced - - d͡ʒ ʒ j - -
nasal voiced m m - n n - ɲ ñ ŋ h* - -
fricative voiceless - f f s z s ʃ x - χ q h h*
lateral - ɬ z - - -
trill voiced - r r - - -
vocoid voiced - l l - - -

Syllables and Prosody

Syllables are (C)V, (C)VV, (C)VC, and (C)VCC.


Vowel Origins

The following table shows the origin of the vowels and diphthongs from combinations of vowels or vowel plus coda consonants.

Vowel Origins
  + 0 + *i/ʒ + *ə/ð + *a/ɣ + *u/β
*i (i) í í é y
(æ e) é ǽ á ó
*a (a) ai á á au
*u (o u) oe ú ó ú

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