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Apr21 Related Words

Determiners and Related Words

Tag Word Description
Uni nu universal quantifier
NR non-referential
Ind ti non-specific indefinite
Spc si specific indefinite
Def do definite
Dem la demonstrative
Rel relativizer
CQ qo content question
Sam the same
Dif dar different
PN a proper noun
Voc ó vocative

Related Words
Tag Description Spatial Verb Adverbs
Manner Degree TimeWhen Duration
Uni universal quantifier nura everywhere - - nutok nudai
Exi existential quantifier tera somewhere - - tedok tehai
Nul nullar quantifier nera? nowhere - - netok? nedai?
Prox proximal demonstrative sir here sivan - se -
Medi medial demonstrative dor there dovan - -
Dist distal demonstrative lar yonder lavan - - -
CQ content question qor where qovan quai
Sat satisfactive ponra   ponovan poní ponó ponohai
Sam the same díra   dívan doyai doyá díhai
Dif different darra   darvan dare dará darhai

The spatial verbs each have pronominal forms, made by adding x to those ending in ra and xi to the others.


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