9D –  A Constructed Language

9D Orthography and Phonology

9D is written using only 9 letters, the same as for phonemes listed below.

There are 9 written phonemes /p, t, k, h, s, m, r, e, o/ and one unwritten sound /a/, which is inserted automatically in pronunciation. The phonemes may have allophones in addition to the ones matching the phoneme symbols; in particular, /m/ has [m], [n], and [ŋ], according to the following consonant. Also, /ee/ and /oo/ are typically pronounced [i:] and [u:], respectively, even though /e/ and /o/ are otherwise [e] and [o].

The rules for inserting /a/ are:

 1. 0 > a / (p, t, k, h) __ C
 2. 0 > a / C __ (s, m, r)
 3. 0 > a / C __ C#
 4. 0 > a / #C __ C

These rules affect everything written as one word, clitics as well as affixes and stems.

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