KLH1 Constructed Language

KLH1 Phonology and Orthography

Syllables are CV, CVV, and CVC

The following tables show the relevent phonetic symbols (QAPA) with the corresponding orthographic symbols.

  labial coronal dorsal guttural
stop (voiceless) p p - t t tS) c - k k -
stop (voiced) b b - d d dZ) j - g g -
nasal (voiced) m m - n n - - - -
fricative (voiceless) - f f s s S x C h x h h h
trill (voiced) - - r r - - - -
vocoid (voiced) - - l l - - - -

Vowel Qualities
  unrounded rounded
front center back
high i i - u u
mid e_ e - o_ o
low - A\ a -

There are 5 long vowels, 3 short vowels (i, a, and u), and 4 diphthongs (eu, ai, au, and oi). The diphthongs and long vowels come from combinations of short vowels.

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