K3 –  A Constructed Language

K3 Phonology and Orthography

The Sounds

Vowel Letters and Phones
  Unrounded Rounded
Front Central Back
High i i - - u u
Mid - e E e - o O o
Low - - a A\ -

Consonant Letters and Phones
  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops V'less p p - t t - - k k - -
Voiced b b d d g g
Nasals Voiced m m - n n - - n N - -
Affricates V'less - - c tS) - -
Voiced j dZ)
Fricatives V'less - f f s s x S - q X h h
Voiced v v z z r Z - -
Approximants - l l - y j w w - -


Syllables are CV(C). Diphthongs include ai and au. Codas exclude y, w, and h. Consonant clusters are yet to be determined.

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