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An Interpersonal Auxiliary Language

TIAL Sample Texts

Here are some sample texts, mostly relay translations so far. There are some archaic usage to be found, some marked with (?).

#9: Borromean Relay

 Winter is the wolf that takes the old, the sick, and the very young
 Winter is the hard rock on which nothing grows
 Winter is the cruel beak and the sharp talon
 And so we beg you, bounding boy of spring, dance over the earth 
So that the sun your mother will look down upon us
And flowers will spring from your footsteps. 
original text

TIAL Translation

 hiberno le lupo birroba persono vetro o infirmo o vee(?) juvyno
 hiberno le petro duro hu ningo kresce ana he fo
 hiberno le rostro crudelo i pinso kuto
 kona to, nas eska te, cikki bisalto da primavero, go balye supra terro
comode pa helyo teo mamo mira kata nas
i mutco floro vasurje a marko da teo podo.

Interlinear Text

hibern-o le   lup-o   bi-rob-a  person-o vetr-o o infirm-o o  vee  juvyn-o
winter-N Dst wolf-N Hab-steal-T person-N  old-N or  sick-N or very young-N

hibern-o le  petr-o  dur-o hu  ningo  kresc-e an-a he  fo
winter-N Dst rock-N hard-N Rel nothing grow-I on-T Rst End

hibern-o le rostr-o crudel-o  i   pins-o   kut-o
winter-N Dst beak-N  cruel-N and claws-N sharp-N

 kon-a to  nas esk-a te
with-T Prx 1XP ask-T 2S

cikk-i  bi-salt-o da primaver-o
 boy-V Hab-jump-N of   spring-N

go   baly-e supr-a  terr-o
Imp dance-I over-T Earth-N

    co-mod-e  pa hely-o  teo      mam-o  mir-e  kat-a nas
such-manner-I for Sun-N 2S.Pos mother-N look-I down-T 1XP

 i  mutc-o   flor-o  va-surj-e  a  mark-o da  teo    pod-o
and many-N flower-N Pro-rise-I Loc mark-N of 2S.Pos feet-N

LCC2 Live Relay Text

TIAL Translation (Modified)

Petro Bigovo

 yere, in me zuande a plajo, meo podo kontra yo petro pota gove bo(?).
 me prenda le petro i gova(?) zo - ave, ci te petri gove? zo
 le dica zo - si, me petre i gove zo.
 me eska le zo - koza ke te no dica me go evita te? zo.
 le dica zo - koz me kattive zo.
 le petro mo parolo fairata me ca, me jekta le ina oceano.
 me no vida elo petro ningane(?).

English Translation

The Rock that Talks

 Yesterday, when I was walking to the beach,
  my foot came against a rock able to talk.
 I took the rock and said, "Hey rock, do you talk?"
 It said, "Yes, I'm a rock and I talk."
 I asked it, "Why didn't you tell me to avoid you?"
 It said, "Because I'm bad."
 The rock's words made me so angry, I threw it into the ocean.
 I never see that rock.  

Interlinear Text

petr-o  bi-gov-o
rock-N Hab-talk-N

       yer-e  in   me  zu-and-e   a   plaj-o
  yesterday-I while 1S Prg-walk-I Loc beach-N

   meo    pod-o   kontr-a yo  petr-o pot-a  gov-e bo
  1S.Pos foot-N against-T Ind rock-N can-T talk-I End

 me prend-a  le  petr-o  i    gov-a
  1S grasp-T 3Dst rock-N and speak-T

  zo   ave  ci  te petr-i  gov-e zo
  Quo hello Int 2S rock-V talk-I Quo

  le  dic-a zo  si  me petr-e  i   gov-e zo
  3Dst say-T Quo yes 1S rock-I and talk-I Quo

 me esk-a  le  zo  koza_ke te no   dic-a me go   evit-a te zo
  1S ask-T 3Dst Quo  why    2S Neg tell-T 1S Inf avoid-T 2S Quo

  le  dic-a zo    koz   me kattiv-e zo
  3Dst say-T Quo because 1S wicked-I Quo

  le  petr-o mo parol-o  fa-irat-a  me ca
  3Dst rock-N Pos word-N Cau-angry-T 1S so

  me  jekt-a  le  in-a ocean-o
  1S throw-T 3Dst in-T ocean-N

 me no  vid-a  el-o petr-o ningane
  1S Neg see-T Dst-N rock-N never

Excuisite Qorpse

TIAL Sentence (modified)

to ande retre supra le kwarto i zukera faperta le bottelyo i zupensa, "eto vino ma saporo specalo".

English Sentence

He walked back up from that room wanting to open the bottle and thinking, "this wine has a special flavor".

Interlinear Text

to   and-e retr-e  supr-a le kwart-o
Prx walk-I back-I above-T Dst room-N

 i   zu-ker-a   fa-pert-a le bottely-o
and Prg-want-T Cau-open-T Dst bottle-N

 i   zu-pens-a
and Prg-think-T

 et-o  vin-o  ma   sapor-o  specal-o
Prx-I wine-N have flavor-N special-N

#18: Delay Relay, Ring A

TIAL Translation

me gevida eto:
  modo usa pe yo statuo ana anglo gina vive

 yo kano da silvo zudorme ina bratco da yo persono.
 kano didorme i gina barke.
 bonco nimbo grando da fumo vene i turbine;
  pos yo longe, elo solve.
 me vida yo damo ana yo palaso mo summo velazo kon nivo.
 damo mo aspekto koma yo persko i bello sol severo.
 sol to no sapa modo normalo:
  to zurise sol zulava to mo aspekto kona to mo vesto.

English Translation

I've Seen This: How a Statue on the Corner Started Living

 A woods-dog was sleeping in some person's arms.
 The dog woke up and started to bark.
 A number of big smoke clouds came and churned;
  after a long time, they broke up.
 I saw a woman on the snow-covered roof of a mansion.
 The woman's aspect was like a peach and beautiful but severe.
 But she didn't know normal manners:
  she was smiling but cleaning her face with her clothes.

Interlinear Text

me  ge-vid-a  et-o
1S Ret-see-T Prx-N

   mod-o  us-a  pe   yo  statu-o an-a   angl-o   gin-a  viv-e
  mode-N use-T what Ind statue-N on-T corner-N begin-T live-I

  yo kan-o da  silv-o  zu-dorm-e  in-a bratc-o da  yo person-o
  Ind dog-N of woods-N Prg-sleep-I in-T   arm-N of Ind person-N

 kan-o  di-dorm-e   i    gin-a bark-e
  dog-N Trm-sleep-I and begin-T bark-I

 bonc-o  nimb-o grand-o da   fum-o  ven-e  i turbin-e
  many-N cloud-N   big-N of smoke-N come-I and churn-I

   pos   yo long-e  el-o     solv-e
  after Ips long-I Dst-N dissolve-I

 me vid-a  yo   dam-o an-a  yo  palas-o mo summ-o   vel-az-o  kon   niv-o
  1S see-T Ind woman-N on-T Ind palace-N Pos top-N cover-Inv-N with snow-N

   dam-o mo aspekt-o  kom-a  yo persk-o  i       bell-o sol  sever-o
  woman-N Pos  face-N like-T Ind peach-N and beautiful-N but severe-N

 sol to  no   sap-a    mod-o normal-o
  but Prx Neg know-T manner-N normal-N

  to    zu-ris-e  sol  zu-lav-a  to  mo aspekt-o  kon-a to  mo     vest-o
  Prx Prg-smile-I but Prg-wash-T Prx Pos  face-N with-T Prx Pos clothes-N

#19: Relay, Overflow Ring

TIAL Translation

 1. algan vanta ja, duo petro ana lato da yo kollino.
 2. uno do petro dica
    zo me mira ke ana no vidazo lato da kollino zo.
 3. altro do petro dica zo os ningan vasape zo.
 4. yo avyo i yo ratto pokino auda to i dica
    zo ave petri nas pota vade a altro lato da kollino i retre;
    can nas dica vas ke gevidaza nas par vas sape zo.
 5. petro duo oke i avyo i ratto pokino vade.
 6. posta poko avyo retre i dica
    zo me gevole a altro lato da kollino
    i gevida yo agro amplo, yo vallo verdo, i yo arbo alto zo.
 7. unabano petro dica altro zo me kera vida elo zo.
 8. altro petro dica zo koz os no pota viaje, os vatriste zo.
 9. posta dio ratto pokino retre i dica
    zo me geande a altro lato da kollino
    sol me gevida herbo sama eto herbo;
    grano samo, insekto samo zo.
10. unabano petro dica zo os deba vida elo zo.
11. sol altro dica zo os felice ete; os no kera viaje zo.

English Translation

 1. Some time before the present, 2 stones were on the side of a hill.
 2. One of the stones says,
    "I wonder what's on the unseen side of the hill."
 3. The other of the stones says, "We'll never know."
 4. A bird and a small rat hear them and say "Hey stones,
    we can go to the other side of the hill and return;
    then we'll tell you what we've seen so that you'll know."
 5. The 2 rocks agreed and the bird and the small rat went.
 6. After a little while, the bird comes back and says
    "I've flown to the other side of the hill
    and I've seen wide fields, green valleys, and tall trees."
 7. The first stone says to the other, "I want to see that."
 8. The other stone says, "Because we can't travel, we're going to be sad."
 9. After a day, the small rat comes back and says,
    "I've walked to the other side of the hill
    but I've seen grass the same as the grass here;
    the same seeds, the same insects."
10. The first stone says, "We have to see that."
11. but the other says, "We're happy here; we don't want to travel."

Interlinear Text

 1. algan    vanta  ja, du-o petr-o an-a  lat-o da yo kollin-o
    sometime before now, 2-N rock-N on-T side-N of Ind  hill-N

 2. un-o do  petr-o dic-a
     1-N Par rock-N say-T

    zo  me    mir-a ke an-a no  vid-az -o  lat-o da kollin-o zo
    Quo 1S wonder-T CQ on-T Neg see-Inv-N side-N of   hill-N Quo

 3.  altr-o do  petr-o dic-a zo  os ningan  va-sap -e zo
    other-N Par rock-N say-T Quo 1NP never Pro-know-I Quo

 4. yo   avy-o  i  yo ratt-o pokin-o  aud-a  to  i  dic-a
    Ind bird-N and Ind rat-N small-N hear-T Prx and say-T

    zo  ave  petr-i nas pot-a vad-e a   altr-o  lat-o da kollin-o  i    retr-e
    quo hail rock-V 1XP can-T  go-I to other-N side-N of   hill-n and return-I

    can  nas dic-a vas ke  ge-vid-az -a nas par    vas  sap-e zo
    then 1XP say-T 2P  CQ Ret-see-Inv-T 1XP so_that 2P know-I Quo

 5. petr-o du-o    ok-e  i   avy-o  i ratt-o pokin-o vad-e
    rock-N  2-N agree-I and bird-N and rat-N small-N  go-I

 6. posta pok-o  avy-o   retr-e  i  dic-a
    after few-N bird-n return-I and say-T

    zo  me  ge-vol-e a   altr-o  lat-o da kollin-o
    Quo 1S Ret-fly-I to other-N side-N of   hill-N

     i   ge-vid-a yo    agr-o ampl-o yo    vall-o  verd-o  i  yo  arb-o  alt-o zo
    and Ret-see-T Ind field-N wide-N Ind valley-N green-N and Ind tre-N tall-N Quo

 7. un-aban-o petr-o dic-a  altr-o zo  me  ker-a vid-a  el-o zo
     1-Ord -N rock-N say-T other-N Quo 1S want-T see-T Dst-N Quo

 8.  altr-o petr-o dic-a zo  koz     os  no  pot-a   viaj-e os  va-trist-e zo
    other-N rock-N say-T Quo because 1NP Neg can-T travel-I 1NP Pro- sad-I Quo

 9. posta  di-o ratt-o pokin-o   retr-e  i  dic-a
    after day-N  rat-N small-N return-I and say-T

    zo  me  ge-and -e  a  altr-o  lat-o da kollin-o
    Quo 1S Ret-walk-I to other-N side-N of   hill-N

    sol me  ge-vid-a  herb-o  sam-a  et-o  herb-o
    but 1S Ret-see-T grass-N same-T Prx-N grass-N

    gran-o  sam-o insekt-o  sam-o zo
    seed-N same-N insect-N same-N Quo

10. un-aban-o petr-o dic-a zo  os   deb-a vid-a  el-o zo
     1-Ord -N rock-N say-T Quo 1NP must-T see-T Dst-N Quo

11. sol  altr-o dic-a zo  os  felic-e  et-e; os  no   ker-a   viaj-e zo
    but other-N say-T Quo 1NP happy-I Prx-I; 1NP Neg want-T travel-I Quo

LCC5 Live Relay Text

TIAL Translation

English Translation

Interlinear Text


-I	Intransitive (= monovalent)
-N	Nominalized
-T	Transitive (= bi- or tri-valent)
-V	Vocative

-Inv	Inverse (or passive)
-Ord	Ordinal number

Cau-	Causative derivation
Hab-	Habitual aspect
Prg-	Progressive aspect
Pro-	Prospective aspect
Ret-	Retrospective aspect
Trm-	Terminative aspect

Att	end Attributive clause
Dst	Distal discursive OR demonstrative
End	End relative clause
Imp	Imperative
Ind	Indefinite
Inf	Infinitive
Ips	Impersonal
Loc	Locational
Neg	Negative polarity
Pos	Possessive
Prx	Proximal discursive OR demonstrative
Quo	begin and end Quotation
Rel	begin Relative clause
Rst	Restrictive pronoun

#21: Mystery Relay, Ring 1, from Dabiš

Conlang Translation Relay 21
 1 yo canse koma eto.
It happens like this.
 2 te vavade koma yo pisco ina yo kamino da bonco pisco no normalo.
You're going to go like a fish in a road of not normal fish.
 3 yo deba te kita ripo.
You must leave the bank.
 4 lo tanjo da bollo frakta so i te vafamorta so koma yo pisco.
Touching the bubble breaks it and you're going to make it dead like a fish.
 5 yo deba te seka centro da kamino da bonco pisco.
You must follow the center of the road of fish.
 6 kamino da bonco pisco no normale.
The road of fish isn't normal.
 7 leo ruto no kurve sol yo klavo greko koma le.
Its route doesn't curve but a Greek key resembles it.
 8 uno porto zurote ultra unabano anglo.
One gate is rotating beyond the first corner.
 9 elo porto blokka kamino da bonco pisco kito da ripo a ultra ripo.
That gate blocks the road of fish leaving the bank to beyond the bank.
10 yo deba te vade pera uno porto koma yo cirklo.
You must go through a gate like a circle.
11 bollo tufraktaze an te tutanja porto.
The bubble breaks if you touch the gate.
12 yo lica te graffe pos te gevade pera porto.
You are permitted to write after you've gone through the gate.
13 me vagraffe bauta teo periklo seko:
I'm going to write about your subsequent dangers:
14 bauta bollo oskuro i modo usa pe porto bonco famorte usa lo roto koma uno,
about the dark bubble and how the gates kill by rotating like one,
15 i bauta toto lo pikko da bonco vespo --
and about all the stinging by wasps --
16 yo deba te sufra toto eto periklo.
you must undergo all these dangers.

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