– TIAL –
An Interpersonal Auxiliary Language

TIAL Phonology and Orthography


Consonant POA & MOA
  Labial Coronal Dorsal Guttural
Stops Voiceless p p   t t     k k  
Voiced b b d d g g
Nasals (Voiced) m m   n n *   J n * N n *  
Affricates Voiceless     tS) c *    
Voiced dZ) j *
Fricatives Voiceless   f f s s S c *   h h
Voiced v v z z Z j *  
Rhotics   4 r r      
Approximants l l j y w w


Vowel Placement
  Front Central Back
High i i y   u u w
Mid e  \ E e o  \ O o
Low   a  \ A a  

Note: <ay> and <ey> appear in the vocabulary instead of <ai> and <ei>; this should be fixed. However, <y> and <w> make more sense than <i> and <u> in diphthongs.


In pronunciation, but never in writing, an epenthetic vowel may occur before or after a consonant to make pronunciation easier.

Syllable Structure

A TIAL syllable's nucleus is usually a simple vowel, sometimes a diphthong. The coda, if it occurs, is a single consonant. The onset, if it occurs, is a single consonant or a cluster; a leftover <s> may occur initially before certain consonants and clusters.


Most TIAL words stress the penult. Note that syllable definition is based strictly on the written form.

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