– SIAL –
An International Auxiliary Language

SIAL Phonology and Orthography

Vowel Placement
  Front Central Back
High i i y   u w u
Mid e e o o
Low   a a  

Consonant POA & MOA
  Labial Coronal Palatal Velar
Voiceless Stops p p   t t     k k
Voiced Stops b b d d g g
Nasals m m n n-     . J- . N-
Voiceless Affricates       tS)- t:S) c cc    
Voiceless Fricatives f f s s S- S: c sc
Voiced Affricates     j dZ)-
Voiced Fricatives v v z z Z-
Rhotic   r rr 4 r:  
Approximants w w l l y j

Syllable Structure

Syllable structure is (C(L))V(C), where L is an approximant or rhotic. Except for proper nouns, the following restrictions occur:



Stress is mostly on the penult but may be on the ultima provided that either the ultima is heavy or the word is monosyllabic.

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