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ASCII Character Usage Summary

The following table gives the usage for each usable character. The usage shown for the lower and upper case letters is for when the letter is preceded by a period (.).

ASCII Character Usage
Char Tag Description Char Tag Description Char Tag Description
  - (word separator) @ Prg progressive ` - (free)
! Dist, Rem distal, remote A a
" - (delimits string) B BP bounded b
# Ord ordinal # C Cmp comparative c Sim simultaneous conjunction
$ Def definite D Deg degree d Dis disjunction
% Hab habitual E Sat satisfactive e
& Ind indefinite F f Fin neutral
' G g
( Fut future H h Hrs indirect evidential
) Pst past I Inch inchoative i If conditional
* N cardinal # J j Jus jussive
+ Agg person conjunction K k
, - (free) L LP loose l
- - (separator) M Man manner m Imp imperative
. - (marks particle) N Inh count inherent n EN epistemic necessity
/ D fractional # O Term terminative o
0 Uns unspecified P p EP epistemic possibility
1 1 1st person Q CQP content question q PQ polar question
2 2 2nd person R Rec reciprocal r Rat cause/purpose
3 3A 3rd person - index S Sup superlative s Seq sequential conjunction
4 3B T TP tight t Tmp temporal adjunct
5 3C U Mas mass inherent u
6 3D V Inv inverse v
7 3E W w Wit direct evidential
8 Rfx reflexive X x Mir mirative
9 Inc inclusive person Y y
: P plural Z z
; Nom name [ Pro prospective { Medi, Ana medial, anaphoric
< Lt below standard \ Aor aoristic | Alt person disjunction
= Eq equal to standard ] Prf perfect } Prox, Cat proximal, cataphoric
> Gt above standard ^ Neg negative ~ NR non-referential
? CQ content question _ - escape -

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